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  • Mommy Pinty And Manny Pacquiao Had The Best Reactions To Their Children's Pranks

    Alex told Mommy Pinty she's pregnant while Manny's teenage daughter told him she has a boyfriend.
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • Have you ever thought what your reaction would be if your teenage daughter suddenly announces she has a boyfriend — or worse, that she’ll be having a child out of wedlock? It may be the stuff of every parent’s nightmare and celebrities Alex Gonzaga and Mary Pacquiao decided to use it to prank their parents, Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy Gonzaga and Senator Manny Pacquiao.

    In videos uploaded to their respective YouTube channels, Alex pretends to be pregnant with fiancé Mikee Morada’s baby and breaks the news to her mother and father. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Mary enlists the help of her mom, Jinkee Pacquiao, to act as if mom caught her with a boyfriend so they can fool Manny.

    “Mapapaaga ang kasal,” Alex laughingly tells her mom while she showed her a fake sonogram with three positive pregnancy tests (these belonged to one of her friends who was really expecting).

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    Unsurprisingly, Mommy Pinty was seething. “Sinasabi ko na nga ba e. Sira ulo ito. Sinabi ko na ngang huwag ninyong gagawin ito e. Hindi pa nakakasal e.” She then walked out of the room.

    After a few moments, Alex eventually admitted that it was a prank because she saw her mom was close to crying. Needless to say, Mommy Pinty was not amused LOL.

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    The next day, mom and daughter joined forces to prank Alex’s dad, Bonoy. The moment he saw the pregnancy test and the fake sonogram, Bonoy’s face changed and he threw the stick onto the bed, immediately walking out of the room.

    “Ewan ko sa’yo, mag-isa ka. Pinagmamalaki mo pa,” he told Alex when she asked for his reaction. He refused to look at his daughter and said, “Kayo mag-usap ng mommy mo. Bahala ka diyan.”

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    Bonoy was visibly angry and he refused to acknowledge Mommy Pinty and Alex even when they said that they needed to plan what would happen next. “Bahala na kayo ginawa mo na ‘yan e, nakapagdesisyon ka na ng sarili mo,” he said.


    He also said he would not talk to Mikee. “Edi kausapin ninyo, magplano na kayo! Eh ginawa ninyo na yan e! Ano pang gagawin natin?” he exclaimed.

    Finally, Alex revealed that it was all a joke. When Alex chided that it seemed her dad was near tears Bonoy said, “’Di ako naiiyak, naiinis ako.” He only cracked a smile when Alex told him Mommy Pinty had the same reaction yesterday when she pulled the prank on her.

    Though the video had us in stitches, we also could not help but understand Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy’s reactions. Parents can’t help but be protective — especially of their daughters — no matter what age!

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    Mary Pacquiao pranks her dad, Manny Pacquiao


    The boxing champ’s third child, Mary Divine, also decided to trick her dad with an issue she knew he would be sensitive to — his eldest daughter having a boyfriend. And she had the perfect accomplice: her mother.

    In the video, Jinkee, angrily told Manny in Bisaya that one of Mary’s classmates texted her and told her that their daughter already has a boyfriend. Manny, who was standing off-cam, could not believe it. Speaking in a calm manner, he addressed Mary, asking, “May boyfriend ka? Ha? Kailan?”

    Pretending to be guilty and embarrassed, Mary replied in a soft voice that she has been with her boyfriend since last year. Still in disbelief, Manny asked, “Hanggang ngayon? Sino ‘yun?”

    Jinkee also goaded her daughter, asking her over and over again to reveal the boyfriend’s name. Mary shyly replied, “My classmate…”

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    At this point, Jinkee could not hold her laughter any longer. She stood up and turned her back to the camera. Manny, obviously confused, replied, “May classmate ka bang lalaki? Akala ko puro babae lang?” Haha, it looks like Mary is studying in an all-girls’ school!


    “What’s your classmate’s name?” Jinkee said in Bisaya.

    “Pangalan niya is PRANK!” Mary finally revealed, laughing.

    Though Manny looked calm and composed, the boxing champ later revealed in the video that he almost got angry. And who wouldn’t be, when you find out your child has been keeping secrets from you!

    In the comments section, users noted that it was “so intimidating when Sen. Manny asked for the name of that boy,” but also appreciated the fact that he chose to listen to his daughter’s explanation first before getting angry. If you were in his shoes, how would you react?

    Kids really have a knack for humiliating us! Click here for the most embarrassing moments parents experienced while they were with their kids.

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