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  • Does Your Child Own an Audio Device? He Could be at Risk of Hearing Loss

    Experts say that listening to loud music too often could be damaging your child's sense of hearing
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    The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report saying that children who listen to an audio device on a daily basis could be at risk for permanent hearing loss.

    WHO reported that half of all 12 to 35 year-olds listen to music too loud. They claim that 1.1 billion people need to turn down their devices or suffer permanent hearing damage.

    “They should be aware that once you lose your hearing, it won’t come back. Taking simple preventive actions will allow people to continue to enjoy themselves without putting their hearing at risk,” said Dr. Etienne Kung, WHO Director for the Department for Management of Noncommunicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Protection.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, to avoid hearing damage, volumes should not exceed 110 decibels.

    If you’re finding 110 decibels a bit abstract, here’s a tip from an expert as to what volume your child should be playing on her device. “As a general rule I tell them 0 percent of the volume, so middle level,” explained Dr. Ana Kim of Mt. Sinai Hospital.

    She further explained that listening to music with earphones on a device at the highest volume even for just 15 minutes can already cause permanent hearing damage.

    If your child complains of hearing difficulty or hearing noises like ringing in their ears, contact your doctor.

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