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  • Chynna Ortaleza Gets Candid About Nursing Struggles; LJ Reyes Donates Milk for Baby Salem

    Chynna and LJ both agree that the most important thing is that a baby is fed. It doesn’t matter if it’s through breastfeeding or otherwise.
    by Rachel Perez .
Chynna Ortaleza Gets Candid About Nursing Struggles; LJ Reyes Donates Milk for Baby Salem
PHOTO BY @chynsortaleza/Instagram
  • Chynna Ortaleza gave birth to her second child, son Salem, on September 25, 2019. Just over a week after welcoming her newborn, she gets candid about the breastfeeding struggles she’s been experiencing, showing everyone the “other side of the spectrum” of feeding a baby.

    “I wish I could produce milk that can fill bags to the brim and donate milk to those who need liquid gold,” the mom of two expressed her feelings about not being able to breastfeed as successfully as other moms. “However, I’m not cut out for that,” Chynna said, adding that “it all boils down to anatomy, at the end of the day.”

    Chynna shared two photos that sum up her not-so-smooth breastfeeding journey so far. The first is her three-year-old daughter Stellar Cipriano, a.k.a. Pea, feeding her baby brother Salem expressed breast milk through a bottle, as she “patiently tr[ies] to hand express” milk from her breasts.


    The milk Salem consumed was donated by fellow celebrity mom and friend, LJ Reyes. She gave birth to her daughter Summer Ayana in January 2019, and has since been breastfeeding her. “To all the tough mommas out there! Fed is best!” the actress and mom of two also wrote in the comments.

    LJ also sent praises for her inaanak, Stellar, for taking on the big sister role so effortlessly. “Oh, sweet, sweet Pea! You’ve grown a lot [in] the past days! Galing, galing ni Ate Pea! Love you Pea and Salem. Hugs cupcake!” she wrote.

    Chynna’s fellow celebrity mom and friend, LJ Reyes, donated breast milk for Salem and had nothing but praises for Ate Stellar for stepping up to help feed her baby brother.
    screenshot from @chynsortaleza/Instagram
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    In the second photo she posted, Chynna showed the result of her breast milk expression. “It’s a few drops, but these are precious to me,” she shared. The mom of two admitted she “used to get really sad” about having little to no milk when she nursed Stellar in 2016. She broke down when she finally accepted that exclusive breastfeeding was not working out for them.

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    On her Instagram Stories on October 1, 2019, the actress also confided about having engorged breasts. Since giving birth, she needed to wait for her breast milk let-down. That day, “a small amount finally came through,” the new mom of two shared, but Salem didn’t seem to want to latch.

    “I am engorged, and it is painful pala,” Chynna said. “Been trying to hand-express or pump it out. Still hurts!” she said, asking for any tips that could help in her situation.

    “Breastfeeding is the most challenging part of motherhood for me,” Chynna said after experiencing delayed let-down, latching issues, and breast engorgement.
    screenshot from @chynsortaleza/Instagram Stories

    The actress has been vocal about the struggles she’d gone through since becoming a mom — postpartum blues, life without a yaya, and breastfeeding. But this time around, with Salem, Chynna is taking it all in stride.

    “Breastfeeding is the most challenging part of motherhood for me,” the mom of two said. “I am most thankful to the Moms who help instead of judge. You guys know who you are,” Chynna said. “Personally, for me, fed is best,” she added.

    Chynna thanked everyone who sent messages of advice and words of encouragement.
    screenshot from @chynsortaleza/Instagram Stories

    The new mom of two also had a message for the women who have messaged her, saying they, too, feel discouraged about having little to no supply. “Please don’t be too hard on yourself. You are enough, and your child will give you all the cues you need. Take those cues. You got this, Momma!” Chynna said, sending them love and virtual hugs.

    For tips on increasing milk supply, click here.

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