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  • You Can Already Register Your Kids For Kinder and Grades 1, 7, and 11 Starting Jan 25

    Apply to schools early and make sure that your little ones get their education.
    by Kitty Elicay .
You Can Already Register Your Kids For Kinder and Grades 1, 7, and 11 Starting Jan 25
  • If you have school-age kids, you might want to take advantage of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) early registration program for incoming Kindergarten and Grades 1, 7, and 11 learners in public elementary and secondary schools. It will be a month-long initiative that will start from January 25 to February 28, 2020.

    During the registration period, students will be registered, enrolled in school, and informed of policies on the collection of fees.

    Apart from ensuring that all new entrants are registered for School Year 2020-2021, the initiative will also help the agency better address and prepare for possible issues and concerns during the enrollment proper.

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    According to the DepEd, the initiative also aims to locate, identify, and register out-of-school children and youth in the community who may be living in off-grid or far-flung areas, a barangay without a school, or a geographically isolated area; displaced due to natural disaster; living in an armed conflict area or area with high level of criminality/drug abuse; in conflict with the law; living on the streets and no longer in school. These children will be encouraged and assisted to get their education through the formal system, Alternative Delivery Mode or the Alternative Learning System (ALS).


    Early registration for public school students

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    The early registration will give all school-aged learners to enroll and be “equally provided with quality, accessible, relevant, and liberating basic education.”

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    Here are some important reminders before proceeding to your respective registration areas:

    For kinder students

    Kids should be 5 years old on or before August 31, 2020

    For Grade 1

    • Must have completed kinder
    • Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) passer for kinder level
    • Non-Kinder completer but at least 6 years old on or before August 31, 2020; has undergone Kindergarten Catch-up Education Program (KCEP), and assessed as Grade 1-ready as per Early Childhood Development Checklist (ECD)

    For Grade 7

    • Must have completed Grade 6
    • PEPT passer for Grade 6
    • Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency Test (ALS A&E) Elementary Passer

    For Grade 11

    • Must have completed Grade 10
    • PEPT passer for Grade 10
    • ALS A&E Secondary passer (2018 or earlier)
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    Forms to accomplish

    1. Basic education enrolment form
    2. School Improvement Plan (SIP) Child Mapping TOOL)

    Document to submit

    Birth certificate for Kinder & Grade 1 (in the absence of a PSA or NSO birth certificate or Local Civil Registrar (LCR) birth certificate, a baptismal or barangay certificate may be submitted instead)

    There are advantages to applying for a school early. Click here for a mom’s personal experience and learnings.

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