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How Karel Marquez, Sitti, and Bianca Gonzalez Overcome Breastfeeding Obstacles
PHOTO BY @iamkarelmarquez, @iamsuperbianca, @bossagurl/Instagram
  • Karel Marquez refuses to give up on breast milk supply despite doc's advice to mix-feed

    Mom of three Karel Marquez has always been vocal about advocating breastfeeding. In fact, when son Kobe was born in June 2019, she immediately began feeding him with her liquid gold. “So happy there is milk for him. I’ve been praying hard for this,” she posted on Instagram. 

    In the last three months, Karel’s breastfeeding journey has been marked by ups (she had so much spare milk at some point that she was able to donate to a preemie baby in need) and downs (she acknowledges the exhaustion that comes with breastfeeding a newborn), and has also shared some valuable tips on storing breast milk.

    Karel has strived hard to give her baby breast milk exclusively that she confessed to feeling down when her milk supply slowed down earlier this month when her period came back.

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    “For the past days, it’s like I am starting all over again to get that good supply again,” she wrote on Instagram, adding it worried her that baby Kobe didn’t gain weight as a result. Naturally, she sought the help of the pediatrician. 

    “My pedia encouraged me this week to mix formula (1 or 2 a day) and said that it was hard to force breastfeeding,” she shared. “I wanted to tear up that time, but I just listened and took it all in.”

    Although she felt down, she stuck to her objective, which is to give her son proper nutrition to aid his growth. “Hey, nothing wrong with that, especially for moms who feed their babies this due to circumstances. I just feel down because I pray for good breastmilk supply, that’s all.) and my husband says I should follow her orders, and to not feel bad because it is for the best.”


    Nonetheless, even if she heeded the pedia’s advice, Karel also turned to her friends at The Parenting Emporium, who gave her sound advice. “Got a Medela Freestyle pump, and was taught how to use it, all to help me boost it again. It’s my first day to regularly pump tomorrow for my @kobe_farinas and this photo was supposed to be about this amazing bra because this isn’t actually any normal bra but it is a HANDS FREE pumping and nursing bra by @whitedahliasph and it is the bomb,” she also wrote. 

    “Cheers to the ups and the downs of breastfeeding!”

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    Sitti stored breast milk while abroad on a gig and away from Lilibubs

    It was a big deal when new mom Sitti had to leave her 10-month-old daughter “Lilibubs” behind for the first time to fulfill a professional commitment in Malaysia over the weekend. The bossa nova singer felt major separation anxiety at the thought of being away from her. 

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    “I don’t know how you guys do it. I know Lilibubs will be okay, but I’m not sure about me, hehe,” the mom of one wrote on Instagram.

    Three nights flew by quickly and yesterday, Sitti was on her way back to Manila. Needless to say, she couldn't wait to get home to give Lilibubs a most precious pasalubong: breast milk she painstakingly pumped and stored while they were apart. 

    PHOTO BY @bossagurl/Instagram

    “We going home!” reads Sitti's text on a photo of bags and bags of frozen breast milk. She couldn't hide her excitement as she and her group waited for their connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Manila.

    PHOTO BY @bossagurl/Instagram

    Sitti relayed how she had to walk a long distance just to find a place to pump milk because the KL airport didn't have nursing rooms. But as Sitti already knows for sure, all the sacrifices are worth it!

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    Bianca Gonzalez pumps anywhere to normalize breastfeeding

    It used to be that breastfeeding moms had to hide and find a private place in order to pump or express milk for their babies — not so much because it was convenient for them (it isn't — imagine doing so in a cramped comfort room cubicle!), but because many felt awkward at the sight of a woman with her breast exposed in public.

    With the modern times, however, and with breastfeeding gaining more supporters, the hope is for a breastfeeding mom to be able to feed her baby wherever, whenever necessary. Celebrity mom Bianca Gonzalez is doing her part in normalizing breastfeeding by doing that, too. 

    “Anyone who knows me knows I feed and pump anywhere and everywhere. With my trusty nursing cover, I pump at work while doing my makeup, in meetings, while watching a live event, everywhere! A lot of times, people I am talking to don't even know I am pumping underneath tapos nagugulat sila.” the mom of two wrote on Instagram.


    It was a caption for a photo of herself stealthily pumping breast milk while having her hair done, presumably in preparation for a show. Such commitment — kudos to moms like her!

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