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  • LOOK: Former Actress Jewel Mische, Eight Months Pregnant, Sports Tiny Baby Bump

    The former Kapamilya star gained only 13 pounds so far during her pregnancy.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Buntis=big belly, right? However, this former Kapamilya defies conventions. Now well into her third trimester, Jewel Mische is sporting a smaller baby bump than most. 

    "Yes, it’s not so big yet, but I still have eight weeks and six days to go!" she wrote as a caption for her latest baby bump photo. "What will it look like by the time I get to 40 weeks? I wonder," she added. 

    Jewel shared that she is happy and content, and loves being pregnant, but thinks she will miss her pregnant body and her baby's kicks once she gives birth.

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    Reaching her third trimester was a milestone for Jewel. "We went for my 28-week check up today, and everything looked great!!" she wrote. "I have gained about 13 pounds in my pregnancy to date, mostly just around my bum and belly," Jewel shared in another post. 

    How could that possibly happen? The former actress said she isn't self-conscious and does not even check her weight at home, "But I'm obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle," Jewel stressed. She swears it's a factor why she's had a smooth and easy pregnancy so far. 

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    Like American model and mom Sarah Stage who also sported a tiny baby bump all throughout her pregnancy in 2017, Jewel has been actively exercising. She has been doing yoga and Pilates stretches, low-impact high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio exercises, different variations of squats, planks, and arm and standing ab workouts, and even a little dancing. Of course, she had to modify her workout based on how her pregnant body responds. 

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    Jewel married Alister Kurzer in 2015. The soon-to-be mom announced her pregnancy in April 2018. It was a late post, but she revealed she was already three months pregnant then. 

    The couple waited two years before trying to have a baby. Back in 2017, Jewel opened up about "failing to get pregnant,"  until she decided to quit trying to conceive and leave it up to God. "When 'I' learned about our baby 'accidentally,' I was euphoric. I can’t say it was a skyrocketing faith experience, but it was once again an incredible witness to my Father’s faithfulness," she shared.

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