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  • Melissa Ricks Reacts to 'Pinabayaan ang Sarili' Comment on Her Postpartum Weight Gain

    She also shares lessons about loving yourself and valuing your own opinion
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison . Published Oct 7, 2019
Melissa Ricks Reacts to 'Pinabayaan ang Sarili' Comment on Her Postpartum Weight Gain
PHOTO BY @mellyricks09/Instagram
  • Being on social media and having a lot of followers is a perk many celebrities enjoy. In the eyes of the public, it is a gauge of how influential they are because they are able to reach a wide audience. However, having a big following also makes these celebrities vulnerable to online trolls and bashers, and in more than just a few instances in the past, these faceless, nameless online critics have crossed the line. 

    Melissa Ricks , who has 836,000 Instagram followers, has just recently had another taste of online bashing after posting a photo of herself enjoying her vacation in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

    “Grabe! Ani ngyari sayo? Ang taba mo na. Ang laki ng braso mo girl mukha ka ng tita. Ilan na ba anak mo at ganyan na ung katawan mo,” a netizen commented on her Instagram post on October 3. 

    In reply, Melissa wrote, “Hi! If mukha akong tita is that a problem? Ilan anak ko? Isa, how about you? Ilan anak mo, hopefully wala pa, dahil u have no manners, and no manners...because u are a bad expample. Im just thankful I don’t have your attitude.”


    PHOTO BY @mellyricks09/Instagram



    PHOTO BY @mellyricks/Instagram


    On Instagram Stories, she also voiced out her frustration on people’s perception of her weight gain. 


    PHOTO BY @mellyricks09/Instagram Stories

    A single mom, Melissa has always been vocal about struggling with weight issues since she gave birth to daughter Kiera 4 years ago. In an exclusive interview with SmartParenting.com.ph in February 2019, the 29-year-old actress talked about the changes her body has undergone. 

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    “My weight has been an issue for the longest time. When I look at my pictures before, I would say, ‘Teka, teka, hindi naman ako mataba dun ah!’. I accepted that I’ve gained over I think 60 to 70 pounds after and during my pregnancy,” she said.

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    Postpartum, Melissa had successfully trimmed down her weight and lost 35 pounds in 2017. But self-acceptance is key, she emphasized, with or without the added pounds.


    “I have finally accepted the fact that I’m not like I used to be, and that’s absolutely fine,” she captioned an Instagram photo in 2018.  

    In the Smart Parenting interview this year, Melissa pointed out, “There is nothing wrong with gaining weight as long as you’re a good person and you’re happy with yourself.”

    “My daughter is 4 years old but I don’t really effort myself to go on a diet because I’m busy taking care of my child, and I’m busy worrying about other things than my weight.”

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    The Star Circle Quest talent search runner-up thinks much of the anxiety she’s been feeling had to do with how she puts weight on other people’s opinions than that of her own.  


    “Why was it so important that I lost this weight? Why was it so important that I would be skinny? Napagod na ako na for how many years iniintindi ko what other people thought of me and I didn’t really think what I thought of myself. Siguro lately lang ako nag-build na, ‘I’m gonna go to the gym for me, I’m going to go out, have fun for me.’”

    “I started at a very young age, I really depended on what other people would say. And to be truly happy, you have to like yourself. 

    She reminds her fellow moms, it’s important not only to like yourself, but to love yourself, too, because this acceptance bounces off on your children. 

    “Until now I’m still processing and learning about self-love and I think I’m getting there because I’m more open on sharing with my fans and friends the ordeals that I’m going through. 


    “Loving yourself has a very big impact on your children because they can feel your vibe. 

    “You should always choose to be happy and it starts with yourself. Your success, the love that you get, everything comes from yourself, and working hard.”

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