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  • See How Miriam Quiambao Is 'Homeschooling' Baby Elijah at Ten Weeks Old

    It's never too early to support your baby's learning and development, like what Miriam Quiambao is doing for son Elijah.
    by Rachel Perez .
See How Miriam Quiambao Is 'Homeschooling' Baby Elijah at Ten Weeks Old
PHOTO BY @ardyroberto/Instagram
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  • As soon as babies are born, they could already absorb and learn from their parents, most notably from mothers, and their environment. That's why for beauty-queen-turned-inspirational-speaker Miriam Quiambao-Roberto, it's never too early to start 'homeschooling' her son Elijah, who's just about to turn three months old this May 2019.

    "I'm starting Elijah on homeschooling this early. Yup!" the 43-year old mom of two shared on Instagram. "I recently read an article that starting out [a] kid's education early in life prepares them for formal schooling later on," she explained on why she decided to jumpstart her son's learning as early as now.

    On baby Elijah's first "official day" of homeschooling, as Miriam calls it, his lessons involved seven minutes of tummy time on a U-pillow, getting a healthy dose of vitamin D on his back, and looking down at black, white, and red visual stimulation cards. "Yes, multi-tasking this morning," mom Miriam said.


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    Tummy time is great for promoting and practicing head, neck, and upper body strength in babies. Elijah has been having tummy time little by little since birth, and now he can stay on his stomach longer. It's vital in developing his motor skills, and will come in handy when he starts to learn to roll over, crawl, and eventually sit, stand and walk! (Click here to read more about how tummy time benefits your baby.)


    The visual stimulation card helps Elijah's eyesight development. After birth, a baby sees only in black and white with shades of gray. As the months go by, a baby's eyesight will start to develop his color vision and will recognize high-contrast colors and bold geometric patterns more clearly. (Click here to read more about how a baby's eyesight develops from birth to his first birthday.)


    Baby books with distinct black-and-white patterns or those with black, white, and red colors work best, Dr. Joy Ty-Sy, a pediatrician, shared in an article on Smart Parenting magazine.

    "I found these patterns on the Internet, printed them out in card paper, cut them up, folded and voila! I have new visual stimulation art cards!" Miriam said of her project for baby Elijah. She's also placing these cards by her son's diaper changing station, along the edges of his crib, and in areas of the home where the baby boy frequently stays with family members.

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    Miriam and husband Ardy Roberto have been sharing updates on baby Elijah's development on Instagram. Their little one was born prematurely at 35 weeks on February 16, 2019, about three months ago. On a side-by-side photo, the proud mom shared how much weight Elijah has put on since then.


    The left photo was taken on March 9, 2019, when Elijah weighed 3.9 pounds. The right photo was taken on April 30, 2019, where he weighed a whopping 7.5 pounds. He's also grown taller, now measuring 51.5 centimeters.

    Immediately after birth, infants lose approximately 10-percent their body weight because of fluid loss and some breakdown of tissue, but regain their birth weight within a week or so. (Click here to read more about how to check if your baby is growing as expected.)

    "Yeheey! And takaw kasi. His face is rounder, and his limbs have filled up," Miriam wrote. "And this is all pure breast milk! No formula or pampagana whatsoever," she proudly added.

    Aside from tummy time, vitamin D, and exposure to visual stimulation cards, the mom of two and her little preemie boy also regularly do skin-to-skin contact. Elijah also receives massages and lots of cuddles from his mom, and from dad and big brother Josh, too!

    Look how much Elijah has grown and developed! He can hold his head up longer and is starting to reach for things.
    PHOTO BY screenshots from @miriamq888/Instagram Stories

    Just three days after the first day of "homeschooling" Elijah, Miriam shared her son could hold his head up much higher now, and has started to reach for the visual stimulation cards. Elijah has also outgrown his preemie shirts! Good job, Elijah!

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