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New Facebook Feature Will Make You Think Twice About Posting Your Kids' Photo
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    The World Wide Web is a vast space, and like it or not, not all of it is friendly. In this digital age, it's even more crucial to be wary of what you post online.

    A recent post circulating on Facebook proves even more that bad guys are going online and using your kids to provide them information about your home. That’s all the more reason to be careful about posting photos or anything about your kids on the Internet and on social media. You might be revealing clues as to their whereabouts—what school your children go to, what time they are dismissed from school—which could make your child a target for individuals with not-so-good intentions.

    While social media is a venue for parents to share photos of their kids’ milestones and achievements to family and friends, using it incorrectly can pose a risk to the young ones' safety and privacy. As parents are becoming more careful of what they post about their kids, Facebook is also currently working on an innovation that will help parents keep their kids safe on social media.

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    "If I were to upload a photo of my kids playing at the park and I accidentally had it shared with the public, this system could say: 'Hey wait a minute, this is a photo of your kids, normally you post this to just your family members, are you sure you want to do this?'" Facebook's vice president of engineering Jay Parikh explained in a recent event in London. "I think [it's] a nice intelligent way for us to help you manage all of the data and the information around you, and that could be just helping you process this stuff and getting it right the first time."


    While there is no exact date as to when this new feature will roll out, it is part of “a 10-year arc of innovation” that features a more advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms that improve the platform’s ability to analyze and filter content. It's similar to how Facebook recognizes and identifies the people you can tag in a photo. 

    Aside from forcing parents to do a double-take before posting their own child’s photo publicly, the new feature will also alert a user if photos of a family member are about to be shared publicly. This would make it easier for Facebook to remove “objectionable content” automatically, without the need for a human to check it. The social-media site is also working on a question and answer system that will tell a visually-impaired user who are included in a photo.

    What other parents are reading

    Kids take after their parents, even on social-media behavior. Kids copy what you do and how you behave online. If they see you posting everything and anything without care, then they would most likely do the same. Michele S. Alignay, M.A., R.P. (Registered Psychologist), lecturer at the Miriam College Department of Psychology and co-author of Growing Up Wired: Raising Kids in the Digital Age, advises parents to be role models. She advises teaching kids to know what they should and should not post online. Remember: whatever rules you may have about dealing with friends or strangers in the “real world” should apply to the digital world as well.

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    Are you excited about this new Facebook online safety feature? Do you think it will greatly help parents and kids? Let us know in the comments below.  



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