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  • Paul Soriano Takes His Role As A Dad Seriously: 'I'm A Father 24/7'

    In between filmmaking duties, Paul says he makes time for his son Seve.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Paul Soriano Takes His Role As A Dad Seriously: 'I'm A Father 24/7'
PHOTO BY @celestinegonzaga/Instagram
  • Just as motherhood is a 24/7 job, so is fatherhood for men who really put their families first. Film director Paul Soriano, husband to Toni Gonzaga and dad to their 3-year-old son Seve, is one of them. 

    The 38-year-old filmmaker likens fatherhood to directing, but “more tiring.”

    “With directing, I can let it go when I go home, e,” he adds. “I can let go, rest it out, keep calm, wake up tomorrow.

    “But when I’m a father, I’m a father 24/7. There’s not a time where I can say, ‘Okay, today I’m not your dad, okay?’ Walang ganoon, e.”

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    Himself busy with projects such as Mañanita, the Philippines’ entry to the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2019, Paul has to sacrifice a few things in order to balance work and family life. Sleep is one of them.

    Paul explains that as the person on the helm of the movie making process, sleep is already a luxury because directing is a job that requires long work hours, thus he really takes advantage of the times he can snooze and recharge. But, he says, his time with Seve has now become a priority over sleeping.


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    “But now, when I need to sleep, I still sometimes can’t because he’s awake.

    “I really try to find this balance that when I get home, I can make time to spend time with him, no matter how long my day was.

    “I try to wake up early with him. I have breakfast with him and spend time with him.


    “So, for me to kind of make my life work in terms of balance, I sacrifice sleep now just to be able to spend time with Seve,” he tells Pep.ph.

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    “I am not going to sacrifice my time with him.

    “I’m not going to sacrifice my time with work because that’s what makes us go.

    “So, if it means waking up two hours early, then I need to do that so that I can have breakfast with him,” the father of one adds.


    In a 2017 interview with Paul, as a new dad he admitted not knowing much about fatherhood, and that as a dad, he was a work in progress. 

    “I don’t think you will ever fully learn how to be a father.

    “But what I love about my son, Seve, is that I want to do all that I can to make him happy. Parang yun ang happiness ko, e. If my son is happy, okay ako.”

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