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  • Saab Magalona on Being a Mom on Social Media: 'You Just Have to Filter It'

    "There are some days that I regret starting the hashtag #DailyPancho."
    by Rachel Perez . Published Apr 1, 2019
Saab Magalona on Being a Mom on Social Media: 'You Just Have to Filter It'
PHOTO BY @saabmagalona and @jimbacarro on Instagram
  • Social media has totally changed how people tell incredible and inspiring stories, but it has also given rise to new terms such as "sharenting" and shamers. Celebrity mom Saab Magalona Bacarro is keenly aware if it, sharing she's trying to find the right balance between posting so much and keeping things a bit more private.

    "There are some days that I regret starting the hashtag#DailyPancho because there are a lot of demanding [people]...pero alam ko naman that they love Pancho, so it doesn't bother me so much," Saab told Pep.ph during an event for Tang. "But then, sometimes they become a little too intrusive? So, I'm trying to find the right balance of not posting so much, not updating all the time," she added.

    The Cheats band singer started the hashtag #DailyPancho soon after she went public a month after her traumatic birth of her son and death of his twin sister, Luna Isabel, on February 8, 2018. Social media was a way for Saab and husband Jim Bacarro to share Pancho's development with family and friends.

    But Saab's also been thinking of how a future teenager Pancho would react to finding out that he has so many photos online long before he even had to entertain the idea of being on social media.

    "I weigh it out, and there are more people who are inspired by him and who tell me they become so happy because of his photos. That's why I continue to do it," the new mom said. "He makes people so happy, so how can I stop?" she added.


    But, at the end of the day, Saab will decided whether to post more or less of Pancho on social media. "That's my prerogative," she stressed.

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    Last March 27, we wote about how Saab posted a photo of her reaching in Pancho's diaper bag while cradling her son on Instagram. Many moms felt it summed up motherhood, but many couldn't help comment how Jim seemed uninvolved with what's happening with his wife. Saab found herself defending her husband from the negative comments. She kept it cool and calm, saying Jim is an amazing night nurse and always offers to help, but she often refuses it.

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    On Twitter, the same photo elicited a netizen to call on Saab for switching from breast milk to bottle-feeding Pancho. "Ang cute ng baby kaso naka-bottle feed kaya hindi magandang modelo sa mga nanay na may baby," a netizen with Twitter handle "pabebe" wrote.

    "Newsflash: You can put breast milk in a bottle. I still believe breast is best, but if you have to feed your baby formula, that’s not a bad thing either! You don’t know the circumstances of each mother and child. Do not judge," Saab tweeted back. "BTW, just so we’re clear, I had to switch Pancho to formula after his first birthday because two of my doctors advised me to for health reasons!" she revealed.

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    Saab says you have pick your battles when you're on social media and keep in mind you don't owe anyone an explanation. "Well, you just have to really filter it. Sometimes, there are days when, like today, you choose to reply to the trolls," she told Pep.ph, perhaps referring to the Twitter user who shamed her for bottle-feeding and switching to formula.


    "You just have to educate them that, you know, I don't think you're really going to understand until you're a mom. There are things that are different for each mom," Saab explained. Most of the time, though, she just ignores or deletes comments if they're too negative.

    Saab notes, however, there's not a lot of negativity in her feed since she thinks people are nicer and kinder to moms. It can be a sign that people now try to empathize more than judge moms. Still, Saab regrets that there are many shamers, online or not.

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