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  • Shamcey Considers Giving Birth Vaginally After C-Section With First Child

    Plus, Bianca and JC go on a babymoon, Lara bracing herself for second child, and more!
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
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  • Shamcey Supsup mulls VBAC procedure 

    Expectant mom Shamcey Supsup-Lee, who gave birth via C-section to her first child Nyke on January 24, 2016, is considering to give birth vaginally this time. Shamcey, who is due to deliver her and husband Lloyd's baby boy in October, posted a question on Instagram addressing her followers for their advice. "Should I schedule a C-section or try VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)? My husband doesn't want me to have another surgery and is pushing for me to try VBAC," she wrote. The reason behind Shamcey's apprehension was her traumatic birthing experience. Her epidural wore off just as she was fully dilated — she "could literally feel [the doctors] poke my tummy with needles" (she also revealed she had low tolerance for pain). Her followers replied with their experiences, for which the beauty queen is thankful because she learned a lot. 

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    Lara Quigaman braces for motherhood the second time around


    Beauty queen Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz says she is as prepared as she can be for an exhausting and emotional period as she prepares to give birth to her second child, son Tobias Nolan Alcaraz, in a few weeks. "In being ready, I mean in every way possible. We have been preparing Noah as much as we can for the arrival of his baby brother, I have organized all the things that needs to be done and now it's time to just pray, relax and wait," she wrote. She recalls that, as a child, she was puzzled when she saw her mom crying as she held Lara's baby sister. Now a mom herself, she can guess what her mom must have felt. "Noah will probably see the same moment I witnessed many years ago between my mama and my sister. When this happens, I want to be ready and let Noah know that he can come to me anyway and anytime and ask me anything. I dont want him to feel left out at all." Lara had also posted a baby bump silhouette photo, and by the looks of it, baby Tobias is coming any day now!

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    Bianca and JC Intal go on a "babymoon"

    A babymoon is defined as a vacation a pregnant woman takes with her spouse/partner before she gives birth, usually at the end of the second trimester of her pregnancy. For Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, it's a welcome respite before she officially becomes a mom of two in October or November. "So this is what enjoying a long, relaxed brunch without having to feed or attend to a toddler feels like," she captioned a photo of husband JC while enjoying his meal al fresco at a Cebu City resort. This is apparently their first couple vacation since she gave birth in 2015 to their daughter Lucia, whom Bianca breastfed for two years. In an ealier interview with SmartParenting.com.ph, she said that she fears "yung not sleeping, yung waking up every two hours pero hindi ka naman talaga natulog." But says it's all right especially since she and JC really wanted another baby already. 

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    Aubrey Miles advises preggos to take advantage of perks

    Actress Aubrey Miles, who just breezed past her second trimester, says she is enjoying her pregnancy so far and is taking advantage of the perks. "I want all fitted clothes, and I really want to show my baby bump. I realized that I can only play this role for a short period of time. It’s so much fun walking around embracing every minute of it," the mom of two captioned her photo. She admits that when she was pregnant with her second child Hunter, she picked clothes that would hide her baby bump, but this time she'd rather flaunt her tummy. "I dress comfortably, I get the right size, I accessorize, I always wear proper foot wear. I prefer sling bags and back packs, so I have less weight to carry. Enjoy it, time goes by so fast. The next thing you know, you’re changing diapers already," she advises. The fitness buff, who continues with her exercise routine during pregnancy, has been sharing her workout videos on social media and inspiring preggos to keep fit (with doctor's advice). 

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    Rona and Eric "Eruption" Tai give update on IVF pregnancy

    "T’was a happy goodbye at #katoreprobiotechcenter today as our miracle reached 9 WEEKS and we have graduated to go to our own OB," Rona wrote as caption of a video of her pregnancy ultrasound on Instagram. The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 contestant has been documenting her IVF journey using the hashtag #RoadtoBabyTAI. In an earlier post, Rona explained the reason she and Eric had to resort to IVF to get pregnant. Both of her fallopian tubes and her left ovary have been surgically removed, which greatly diminished their chances for conceiving the natural way. Incidentally, the couple confirmed the pregnancy on Eric's birthday, making it a double celebration. Congratulations!

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