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  • Team Kramer Moves Into Their 'Forever' Home; Unveils Surprise Playroom for the Kids!

    Team Kramer was emotional leaving their home of six years, but they’re all so excited to start a new chapter in their home.
    by Rachel Perez .
Team Kramer Moves Into Their 'Forever' Home; Unveils Surprise Playroom for the Kids!
PHOTO BY screenshots @dougkramer/Instagram Stories
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  • After almost two years of patiently overseeing the construction of their dream mansion, the Kramers are starting a new chapter in their lives as they finally move into their new ‘forever’ home.

    Doug and Chesca have been sharing parts of their massive new space. We already know it has an elevator, a huge master’s bedroom, shared bedroom with walk-in closet and jacuzzi for the two girls Kendra and Scarlett, and a solo space for their only boy Gavin. It also has a homeschooling room, a man-cave and a cinema, plus an outdoor pool and barbecue place.

    The couple shared details about the house but left out one room — the kids' playroom — and even the kids didn’t have an idea what it would look like until now. Doug shared on Instagram a video of the playroom reveal, which starts out with Chesca ushering the obviously excited kids.

    “Our new house blessing surprise for Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin!” Doug wrote on Instagram. “I kept this as a surprise from them throughout the construction. I just gave hints about a different kind of playroom for them,” he added.


    To reach the playroom, the kids will pass by their dad’s man cave, complete with billiards and air hockey tables (which would require a different feature story altogether). The Kramer kids’ playroom has its own miniature climbing wall, obstacle course, a pair of slides, and a ball pit. It also has a TV and lots of shelves for their toys.

    watch now

    “Their reaction says it all!! We love you, babies! Love, Papa and Mama,” he added. The kids immediately dived into the playroom as soon as they were given the go-ahead to open their eyes. Gavin couldn’t even stop playing—he was the last kid in there!


    It's the Kramer kids' very own adventure zone playroom!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from #dougkramer/Instagram Stories


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    Before they moved forward to a new chapter in their lives, Doug honored the place they called home for over six years. He was the most emotional about leaving their old house for good.

    “A few tears were shed, mine perspired the most,” Doug shared. “I knew how much effort and hard work and prayers it took for this home to come together. Our family of five started here, Team Kramer began here,” he added. The years they’ve spent there is equal to a lot of unforgettable family moments they made and shared.


    “[I] can’t help but be in awe of God’s goodness. We didn’t deserve this house, more so the new one. But the Lord’s grace goes far beyond what we can comprehend. Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning!” the dad of three said.

    Moving houses is not an easy feat. “There is a lot of tidying up to do!” Chesca wrote, thanking the people who are helping them move, clean up, and organize their belongings. It will surely be worth it, for sure.


    "Watch out soon for a different kind of format for a new home tour," Doug promised. 

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