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  • 10 Parenting Trends We'll See in 2015

    We'll see the emergence of app-enabled toys, new ways to be fit, and a different parenting style
  • This year, it was all about loom bands, "Frozen", and co-parenting. Next year, we foresee a new set of trends both you and your kids will get excited about -- and which will probably affect the way you will make decisions. Read on to find out what we expect to go down in 2015.

    1. Giving your kids names that end in “bella” and “ett.”

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    Is your due date sometime next year? Give your little one a name that either ends in “bella” or “ett.” Think Isabella and Mirabella for the girls and Everett and Beckett for the boys. According to The Huffington Post, this is one of the hottest trends for 2015, alongside baby names in colors like Lilac, Violet, and Lavender.

    2. Dressing up in the color of the year: Marsala


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    Speaking of color, you may not be all that familiar with Pantone’s color of the year -- Marsala -- but by 2015, you’ll be seeing it everywhere. Expect to see the “naturally robust and earthy wine red” in runways for both women and children.


    3. The ketogenic diet

    Ketogenic diet

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    Need to lose postpartum weight or just been meaning to shape up? You may find yourself checking out the ketogenic diet, also known as the new Atkins, along with a few other moms. According to The Guardian, the diet is a strict program that “enforces a 4:1 ratio of fats to proteins and carbohydrates.” This means, more nuts, cream, and butter and less pasta, rice, and bread. It’s not exactly new, but with Kim Kardashian saying it helped her lose 56 pounds in six months, well...

    4. Dinosaurs

    Animal Zone Dinosaurs

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    Photo from toysrus.de

    Those T-rex and Pterodactyl figures might regain a large, if short-lived, following if Steven Spielberg’s "Jurassic Park" remake "Jurassic World" earns big at the box office. And with Chris Pratt headlining the movie, we wouldn’t be surprised if even you moms end up getting into dinosaurs as well.

    Animal Zone Dinosaurs with Light and Sound P699.75, available at Toys R Us

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    5. More "Frozen"

    Snow Glow Elsa

    Photo from ourkidsmom.com

    Are your kids still hung up on Anna and Elsa? Well, 2015 brings good news because Frozen 2 is happening. Broadway actress Idina Menzel who voiced the famous Elsa told The Telegraph that a stage play and a sequel are already in the works. While she won’t be part of the play, she hopes to be asked to join the next movie. Prepare yourself for what could be the new “Let It Go” in 2015.

    Snow Glow Elsa, P2,699.75, available at Toy Town


    6. App-enabled toys


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    With kids becoming increasingly adept with technology, we bet toy companies are gearing up to create more app-enabled play sets in 2015. These are physical toys or games that are either e-connected or have the ability to interact with a smart device.

    7. Natural and eco-friendly baby products

    Messy Bessy


    Next year, the demand for all-natural and green products for children and parents will likely still be as strong. Think natural non-toxic personal care products, chemical-free home cleaning essentials, and cloth diapers!

    Messy Bessy Toy and Surface Cleaner, P99, available at MessyBessy.com

    8. Parenting apps


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    Kids as young as those in kindergarten already know their way around fun gaming apps, but in 2015, we foresee more programs that don’t just entertain them, but help parents instill cognitive and behavioral skills in their kids. These apps can teach children about delayed gratification, for example, and then provide parents with a real-life activity to reinforce the lesson.

    Learner Mosaic app, free, available for iOS only at http://kidaptive.com/learner-mosaic/

    9. Fitness trackers



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    Health is also bound to take a leap forward next year. We can absolutely see more moms using fitness trackers that help them reach their goal weight —- from those that record how many miles they’ve run to those that enable them to set up a personalized food library.

    Jawbone UP24, P8,590, available at Apple Premium Resellers, including PowerMac Centre and iStore, and other leading consumer electronic stores.

    10. Being an "elephant mom"

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    Unlike tiger parenting which focuses on developing a child’d grit and raising them to be independent at an early age, the elephant way is more nurturing and forgiving. According to Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar of The Atlantic, "elephant parenting", much like how real elephants do it, is about practicing infinite patience and being gently protective of your young. When a child falls down from running, for example, an elephant parent would kiss and comfort, or tell her young child that he can do better next time to make him feel better if he scores low in an exam.

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