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  • 7 Things That No Longer Gross You Out Once You Become a Parent

    Poop? Pee? No problem!
    by Lou Velle Mariano . Published Feb 22, 2020
7 Things That No Longer Gross You Out Once You Become a Parent
PHOTO BY @Liderina/iStock
  • Being a parent makes you see things with a different perspective. Not only does your life change, but after having your first child, nothing is too disgusting to handle anymore. You become immune to things that made you gag before, such as the following:


    You can now stand the sight and smell of a poop as it has become your reality day and night. It’s something you wait for and monitor – how many times a day? What color and consistency is it? Changing dirty diapers, you say? Not a problem!  


    If you can handle poop, you can definitely handle pee. When you have a baby or a toddler, everything, from clothes to bedsheets, will smell like pee. No doubt you’ve been peed on a couple of times, too, yourself. (For this couple, it was during a photo shoot.

    Snot and Eye Gunk

    Sipon, kulangot, muta – all these are very common to you now that you’re a parent. There are surely times that you even use your own fingers just to get them out, and surprisingly, it doesn’t feel icky.

    Chewed-up food

    When your kids suddenly spit out something they do not like, your instinct will make you cup your hand in front of their mouth. At times, you may have even tried to eat some of it!


    Your child’s vomiting does not bother you anymore, except to make you worry why he’s not feeling well.


    Hearing someone fart – whether it’s your child or your husband – is just too ordinary to you now. Yet instead of finding it annoying, your child’s fart can be somehow cute, isn’t it?

    Morning breath

    If their morning breath (aka, bad breath) comes with sweet kisses and giggly laughs, we don’t mind at all!

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