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  • Your Guide to the Trendiest and Most Popular Names for Your Little Boy in 2019

    Take your pick from common names in the Philippines to the U.S. to trending names of the year.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Your Guide to the Trendiest and Most Popular Names for Your Little Boy in 2019
  • When do you start thinking about names for your little one? Is it when you find out your baby’s gender? Does it start from the moment you learn you are expecting? Or have you planned for a name even before getting married? Choosing a name for your baby is both challenging and fun, but if you’re looking for baby boy names, we are to help.

    Most popular baby boy names in the Philippines

    In December 2018, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released the most common baby names of 2017, with Nathaniel being the most popular name for boys. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to name your little boy, you can take advantage of these tried-and-tested baby boy names. Here’s the complete list along with their meanings:

    1. Nathaniel

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Gift of God

    2. James

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: One who follows

    3. Jacob

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Supplanter

    4. Angelo

    Origin: Italian
    Meaning: Messenger

    5. Joshua

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: The Lord is my salvation

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    6. Gabriel

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: God is my strength

    7. Christian

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Follower of Christ

    8. John Mark

    Origin: Hebrew (John) and Latin (Mark)
    Meaning: God is gracious (John) and warlike (Mark)

    9. Nathan

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Given

    10. Daniel

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: God is my judge

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    Filipino names to give your baby boy

    Pay homage to the beauty of our national language by choosing a name that depicts a unique character for your son. Here are nine Filipino names for your baby:

    11. Alab

    Meaning: A flame or blaze, to light up. This name connotes a sense of inner strength, courage, power, and fierceness


    12. Amihan

    Meaning: Cold Christmas breeze. Amihan is also a bird in Philippine mythology, and the first creature to accompany the first gods, Bathala and Aman Sinaya.

    13. Bughaw

    Meaning: Blue. Inspired by the sky or sea.

    14. Dakila

    Meaning: Great. It connotes an air of strength, power, and wisdom.

    15. Habagat

    Meaning: Another seasonal wind in the Philippines. The name connotes strength, authority, and splendor.

    16. Kidlat

    Meaning: Lightning

    17. Lakas

    Meaning: Strength

    18. Malaya

    Meaning: Free

    19. Sibol

    Meaning: To grow or to sprout. This connotes a sense of inner potential

    20. Takipsilim

    Meaning: Dusk or sunset

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    Popular baby boy names in the United States

    Apart from the most common names in the country, you may also look for inspiration from the U.S. database. Pregnancy and parenting website BabyCenter compiled a list, using data from over 700,000 users.

    21. Jackson

    Origin: Scottish
    Meaning: God has been gracious

    22. Liam

    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Helmet of will

    23. Noah

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Rest or comfort

    24. Aiden

    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Little fire

    25. Caden

    Origin: Welsh
    Meaning: Spirit of battle; friend or companion

    26. Grayson

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Son of the grey-haired one

    27. Lucas

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Light-giving, illumination

    28. Mason

    Origin: French
    Meaning: Stoneworker

    29. Oliver

    Origin: French
    Meaning: Peaceful or olive tree

    30. Elijah

    Original: Hebrew
    Meaning: The Lord is my God

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    31. Logan

    Origin: Scottish
    Meaning: Small hollow

    32. Carter

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Drives a cart

    33. Ethan

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Strong, safe, and firm

    34. Muhammad

    Origin: Arabic
    Meaning: Praiseworthy

    35. Jayden

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Thankful

    36. Michael

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Who is like God?

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    37. Sebastian

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Venerable, revered

    38. Alexander

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Defender of men

    39. Mateo

    Origin: Spanish
    Meaning: Gift of God

    40. Ryan

    Origin: Gaelic
    Meaning: Descendant of the king or little king

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    41. Benjamin

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Son of the right hand

    42. William

    Origin: German
    Meaning: Strong-willed warrior

    43. Jack

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Working class name

    44. Julian

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Bearded, father of the skies

    45. Leon

    Origin: French
    Meaning: Lion

    46. Jayce

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Healer

    47. Caleb

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Faithful

    48. Luke

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Light-giving

    49. Matthew

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Gift from God

    50. Wyatt

    Origin: French
    Meaning: Wood

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    51. Owen

    Origin: Welsh
    Meaning: Young warrior, noble

    52. Connor

    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Wise

    53. Josiah

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: The Lord supports, the Lord saves, the Lord heals

    54. David

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Beloved

    55. Isaac

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: He will laugh

    56. John

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: God has been gracious

    57. Carson

    Origin: English, Scottish
    Meaning: Son of Carr

    58. Cameron

    Origin: Scottish
    Meaning: Crooked nose

    59. Isaiah

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Salvation of the Lord

    60. Asher

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Happy, blessed

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    61. Lincoln

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Lithe

    62. Adam

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Red earth

    63. Nicholas

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Victory of the people

    64. Lando

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Long hill

    65. Joseph

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: May God give an increase

    66. Dylan

    Origin: Welsh
    Meaning: Sea

    67. Ian

    Origin: Scottish
    Meaning: God is gracious

    68. Eli

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: My God, high, elevated

    69. Colton

    Origin: English
    Meaning: From the coal or dark town

    70. Anthony

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Priceless one

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    Trending baby boy names of 2019

    If you’re looking for names that are a little more outside the box, various baby-naming sites have identified the top trends for baby boy names this year. Some of these trends include:

    • Global names
    • Gender-neutral names
    • Sneakerheads
    • Muted colors
    • Jewel tones
    • Names starting with ‘F’
    • Names that have the vowel ‘U’
    • Short and sweet
    • Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s baby name

    Here are some of the trendiest names and their meanings:

    71. Lior

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: I have a light

    72. Acacius

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Thorny, innocent, not evil

    73. Kiran

    Origin: Sanskrit
    Meaning: Ray of light

    74. Justice

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Word name

    75. Revel

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Word name

    76. Finley

    Origin: Scottish
    Meaning: Fair-haired hero

    77. Robin

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Bright fame

    78. Chuck

    Origin: Diminutive of Charles
    Meaning: Free man

    79. Taylor

    Origin: English
    Meaning: Occupational name

    80. Gray

    Origin: Color name and diminutive of Grayson
    Meaning: The son of the bailiff

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    81. Sage

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Wise and knowing

    82. Jasper

    Origin: Persian
    Meaning: Bringer of treasure

    83. Onyx

    Meaning: Gem name

    84. Felix

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Happy, fortunate

    85. Florian

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Flowering

    86. Frederick

    Origin: German
    Meaning: Peaceful ruler

    87. Hugo

    Origin: Latinized form of Hugh
    Meaning: Mind, intellect

    88. Hal

    Origin: Diminutive of Harold and Henry
    Meaning: Estate ruler

    89. Kit

    Origin: English, diminutive of Christopher
    Meaning: bearer of Christ

    90. Archie

    Origin: Teutonic, diminutive of Archibald
    Meaning: Truly brave

    91. Harrison

    Origin: English
    Meaning: son of Harry

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    Game of Thrones baby boy names

    Are you a diehard fan of the books or TV series? You can choose to name your little boy after the characters of this iconic show that recently ended its run.

    92. Bran

    Origin: Diminutive of Brandon
    Meaning: Broom-covered hill

    93. Daario

    Origin: Variant of Dario
    Meaning: Kingly

    94. Gendry


    Meaning: Literary name

    95. Jamie

    Origin: Diminutive of James
    Meaning: Supplanter

    96. Joffrey

    Origin: Scottish; variant of Geoffrey
    Meaning: Pledge of peace

    97. Jorah

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Early rain

    98. Jon

    Origin: Variation of John or Jonathan
    Meaning: God is gracious; gift of Jehovah

    99. Samwell

    Origin: Variant of Samuel
    Meaning: Told by God

    100. Tyrion

    Meaning: Literary name

    We also have a selection of baby names for your little girl! Click here for the most popular ones of 2019!

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