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Traveling With Your Baby for the First Time? 7 Helpful Tips for a Trip by Land or Air
  • Traveling with a baby can sound like a daunting prospect for some parents. If simply going out with little kids is already a challenge, how much more difficult can taking a trip with an infant?

    But don’t let this scare you, moms and dads! It’s possible to have a great vacation with your new baby, as long as you make the necessary preparations ahead of time. On our Facebook page, we asked parents to share their tips for traveling with a baby for the first time. Don’t forget to take down notes (or bookmark this page for further use)!

    Plan ahead

    Many of the moms who shared their comments emphasized the importance of planning ahead, saying that as early as a month before the schedule of their trip, they already began making checklists of everything they needed to bring for their babies. All necessary travel documents and pocket money also need to be prepared in advance, especially if you are going overseas.


    Other things that need to be prepared ahead of time include travel insurance, particularly if you and your family are going out of the country, and, as suggested by one parent, an ID or an armband with your contact information that you can have your child wear, should he or she ever get lost. These can also be placed on your luggage for easier identification.

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    Prepare all the essentials

    Regardless of where you’re going or how long your trip is going to take, packing the essentials your family will need is crucial. Aside from clothes, blankets, food, milk and feeding bottles, diapers, and wet wipes, many parents also recommended bringing items that can help keep bored kids occupied during long trips or flights, like toys and art materials.

    Keep your essentials in a bag you can carry with you wherever you go, so you always have easy access to whatever you might need. A stroller might also come in handy for when you get tired of carrying your baby in your arms and for holding bulky bags while you’re on the go. Finally, don’t forget to pack yours and your partner’s essentials as well.

    Talk to your pediatrician

    A first aid kit is another important item many of the moms said all parents should have with them when traveling with their kids. Even if you may already have an idea of which medications your child will likely need, it won’t hurt to talk to your pediatrician before you leave so you can ask for a list of medicines you have to bring.

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    Select the ideal travel time

    When going on a trip, many parents suggested starting your travel or taking a flight that’s scheduled at night, so that your child will be asleep the entire time. Some also said that traveling at night helps avoid getting stuck in traffic.

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    Comfort baby in the plane

    During take-off and landing, babies and kids might experience pain in their ears. Moms suggested breastfeeding babies and providing older kids with snacks on the plane to prevent pressure in their ears or to comfort them, should they still experience that weird ear-popping sensation. One mom also recommended cuddling and hugging babies to make them as comfortable as possible.

    Dress up comfortably

    Traveling can be less of a hassle if you dress yourself and your child up in clothes that are both comfy and well-suited to the weather. If you’re taking a flight or going somewhere cold, a jacket and socks can be helpful since it can get cold inside the plane. If you’re going somewhere hot, remember to wear clothes made of thin fabrics, hats, and sunglasses.

    Be patient, and enjoy

    “Be patient” is perhaps the one tip nearly all parents included in their comments, and they are absolutely right! Sometimes, no matter how much and how well you prepare ahead of time, mishaps can still occur when traveling with babies and/or little kids, making patience (a lot of it) a must-have. Lastly, enjoy and have fun. Don’t concern yourself too much with ensuring that the entire trip goes smoothly; just make the most of the time on your family vacation!

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