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  • Babies Born in December Are Extra Special! 7 Ways They Rock

    Having a baby during the busiest time of the year is never a bad idea!
    by Kitty Elicay .
Babies Born in December Are Extra Special! 7 Ways They Rock
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  • Having a baby in December can be pretty chaotic. While everyone is shopping for gifts, decorating trees, and being invited to parties left and right, here you are waiting for a human being to pop out of you. In the US, this month is actually the rarest time for birthdays, with December 24 and 25 being the rarest of all, since inductions and C-sections are less likely to be scheduled on the holidays.

    Growing up, babies born in this month may have to cope with the holidays overshadowing their future birthdays, but they should not feel too bad — according to research and studies, December babies are pretty lucky (and their parents, too!). 

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    Here are the advantages of having a December baby:

    Babies born in December have the best chance of living up to a hundred years old.

    A 2011 study compared the birth months of 1,574 people who lived past 100 to 10,885 shorter-lived siblings and 1,083 spouses. Researchers found that December-born individuals were more likely to live up to age 105 compared to those who were born in June. So, while December babies are rare, they’ll also be around for a long, long time.


    December babies have lower risks for cardiovascular disease.

    If your babies are living up to a hundred or more, it may be because they also have a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, according to a 2015 study. Researchers from the Columbia University Department of Medicine examined 1.75 million patients born between 1900 and 2000 who had been treated at the university hospital and found that those born from September through December were more protected from cardiovascular diseases.

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    Babies born in December fall asleep earlier.

    Can your birth month actually dictate whether you’d be a morning or evening person? A 2009 study of Italian and Spanish university students found that those born in December tend to fall asleep earlier, while a similar study noted that students born in the same month were more likely to become morning people than those who were born in June. New parents may take these studies with a grain of salt, but look on the bright side — your babies may give you an easier time when it comes to sleep training!

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    December-born boys are more likely to be left-handed.

    A study of 13,00 adults by the University of Vienna found that 7.5% of women and 8.8% of men were left-handed. Researchers looked at male birthdates and found that most of the left-handed men were born between November 1 and January 1.

    If your baby’s dominant hand is his left, you should know by now not to try and correct it. Child development researchers believe that forcing a left-handed child to be right-handed could affect how your child's brain is wired, and thus, pushing it to work harder. He may have more difficulty writing, using scissors or knives, and may not perform well or may get more tired easily when doing activities such as sports.

    Besides, being left-handed may be a good thing! “When we’re left-handed, our right brains are usually dominant, and that’s where creativity and intuition are centered. So, it’s often easier for us to be creative than logical. And our brains more easily use both sides of the brain at once, so we have the advantage of also being more flexible in our thinking,” explains child educational psychologist and author Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D., in an interview with Fast Company.

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    December babies can be creative, intelligent, and hardworking.

    If you’re a big believer of astrological signs, then you’d be happy to know that babies born in December have some pretty awesome key traits. Those born between November 22 and December 21 fall under Sagittarius, who are known to be adventurous, creative, and strong-willed. Those born between December 2 and January 19 are Capricorns, known to be detail-oriented, intelligent, and hardworking.

    December babies are also less irritable.

    Do you think the month in which you were born can have an influence on your mood? A 2014 study seems to thinks so. Xenia Gonda, an associate professor at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, surveyed 366 students to determine which of “four kinds of temperaments they most personify.” Questions like “My mood often changes for no reason” and “I love to tackle new projects, even if risky,” and “I complain a lot.” She then correlated their answers with their birthdays.

    Those born in the winter (December to February) were significantly less prone to irritable temperament and had fewer mood swings compared to those born in the summer (June to August).


    December babies are most likely to become a dentist.

    Over in the United Kingdom, December-born babies are the most likely to grow up to work as dentists, according to a census analysis done in the country, as reported by The Guardian. There’s no way of knowing whether it will hold true in the Philippines, but the possibility of raising a future dentist isn't so bad, right? You'll get loads of discount on dental care, that's for sure!

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