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Moms Swear Holding Your Colicky Baby This Way Will Soothe Him
  • Every mom and dad wished hard at some point that there was a manual in parenting that he or she can consult 24/7. Unfortunately, that manual doesn't exist. Technology, however, has made it easy to discover tried-and-tested tips and tricks like how to carefully change poop-filled nappiescalm a fussy baby or the basics of holding an infant.

    And to add to your list of parenting hacks, here's what has been dubbed as the "magic baby hold" because it soothes the little one like magic!

    According to the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, published by The La Leche League International, the magic baby hold is sometimes referred to as the colic hold. "This has been a helpful calming technique for just about every well-fed but fussy baby," the authors wrote. When La Leche League chapters shared it on its Facebook pages, one mom wrote in the comments that the magic baby hold is also great when the baby has hiccups.

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    You've probably tried the magic baby hold, which is similar to a belly hold when you burp your baby. Here's how to do it:

    First, let your baby rest his back on your chest — the two of you should be facing forward. Then, bring your left arm over your baby's right shoulder and hold his right thigh with your left hand. Your baby should be resting his tummy on your left forearm with his arms on each side of your arm. Your upper arm and elbow, which is now close to your chest, should securely support your little one's head and neck.

    With this hold, you are free to use your right hand. With a firm grip on his leg, you can use your right arm to support him in between his legs. You can also use your right hand to rub his back as you gently bounce or sway. 

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    Some moms use this hold and keep the baby close to their chest, while others hold their baby with a bit of space in between their bodies. Either way, moms who have done it swear it will immediately calm a fussy baby, even newborns. 

    Moms also call this magic baby hold as the "monkey on a branch" hold, "tiger in the tree" hold, and the "football hold" (not to be confused with the breastfeeding hold of the same moniker). If something works well for you and helps you be a better parent and take better care of our baby (and helps you, too!), it is magic. Try it! 

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