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  • Remember These 8 Non-Negotiable Rules When Visiting A Newborn

    Babies are fragile, so keep this in mind before dropping by.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Remember These 8 Non-Negotiable Rules When Visiting A Newborn
  • Giving birth during the holidays means more family members are likely to drop by for a visit, which can put you in an awkward position. Of course, you want friends and relatives to meet your new baby, but you also need to prioritize your newborn’s health and safety.

    Things to remember when visiting a newborn

    Newborns are delicate creatures so don’t be afraid to establish rules or guidelines for your visitors. Here’s a list to start you off, which you can send to your loved ones. It will give you both peace of mind!

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    1. Schedule your visit in advance, and don’t be disappointed if the parents are not ready for visitors.

    Every parent is different — some are eager to introduce their babies to the world while some would rather be alone with their little ones for a few months. Ask the parents if they’re ready for visitors and schedule a visit that works best for them.


    2. Avoid visiting when you are sick.

    Babies are fragile and can easily catch illnesses, so “have the initiative to stay away or not visit [at all] if you are sick or not feeling well so you won’t pass on the virus,” shares pediatrician and certified lactation counselor Anna Lopez-Gabriel, M.D. in a previous SmartParenting.com.ph article.

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    3. Don’t stay too long.

    The new parents will likely be exhausted and sleep-deprived, so even if they play the part of excited hosts, be mindful and keep your visit short and sweet (unless they insist for you to stay). An hour or two is enough to catch up with mom and dad and to get to know their bundle of joy.

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    4. Wash your hands and ask before picking up the baby.

    Make sure your hands are clean and if you can, sanitize your hands and arms in front of the new mom to assure her. Remember to always ask if you can hold, carry, or pinch the baby’s cheeks. You are a visitor, so avoid invading mom and baby’s personal space.


    For the new moms, you can have alcohol, hand sanitizer, or wet wipes on hand when you’ve given permission visitors to hold your baby. You can also give them a clean lampin to put over their chest or shoulder when holding the baby.

    5. Don’t kiss the baby’s face.

    We’ve heard of horror stories of babies contracting illnesses after being kissed on the face by family and friends, so avoid doing it at all costs. This applies to the hands, too, because babies can put their fingers in their mouths. You can touch the baby’s feet and legs instead.

    6. Offer to look after the baby so the new parents can nap.

    If you’re close with the parents and they are comfortable leaving you with their child, offer to take over baby duties. They might be in need of a quick shower or a few minutes’ shut-eye. They’ll appreciate your visit all the more!

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    7. Respect the mom’s privacy.

    Babies are irresistible and you’re bound to take dozens of photos, but always ask the parents before posting photos of their baby on social media. The same goes when taking photos of mom. Delete unflattering photos before she sees them and let her choose the photo she likes before posting it online.

    8. Don’t offer unsolicited advice.

    If you’re a mom or dad yourself, it can be tempting to share what you’ve learned to the new parents. But this is their moment — unless what the new parents are doing will cause immediate harm, it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

    It’s perfectly understandable if you would want visitors to have minimum contact with your newborn. Click here for more reasons why you should avoid kissing the baby on the face and lips.

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