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Planning On Moving Your Baby Into Your Older Child's Room? 5 Tips To Ease The Transition
  • For most parents, it’s not an option to give each of their children their own bedroom; instead, letting the kids sleep in a shared bedroom is their only choice. Any kind of big change at home, such as moving a baby into one room with their older sibling, can be a long and difficult process, but it’s not impossible. Take note of these five tips to help you through the transition.

    5 tips to consider when moving your baby to your older child’s room

    1. Talk to your older child first.

    Just like how you would talk to your child about being an older sibling while you’re pregnant with your second baby, make sure to also talk to your firstborn about the new adjustments to her sleeping arrangements. Tell her that though for the first few nights, she might wake up in the middle of the night when the baby cries, she has nothing to worry about. This conversation will help prepare her for the changes that are about to happen.

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    2. Set up the room.

    Preparing the bedroom your kids will be sharing can help build up the anticipation for your older child, especially if she’s involved in the process. Aside from making sure each kid has her own sleeping area, it can help to create a personal space for each child. For example, you can set up a table for your older child to play or do activities on when she wants some alone time. Doing this can help both kids feel like they still have a space of their own.


    3. Wait until your baby can sleep through the night.

    In an article for Today’s Parent, pediatric sleep consultant Pam Edwards advises parents to wait until their baby can sleep through the night, or at least until the baby’s nighttime wakeups have become more predictable, before moving her into the same bedroom as her older sibling. This would make the change less disruptive for your older child.

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    4. Adjust bedtimes accordingly.

    Just because two children sleep in the same room doesn’t mean they will both follow the same sleep schedule, so don’t stress over letting your older child sleep a little later than the baby. After putting your baby to sleep, you can take some time to bond with your older child through reading books or having a cuddling session.

    5. Get a white-noise machine.

    According to The Baby Sleep Site, white noise can help create a better sleep environment for everyone. It can also drown out noises that kids make when they’re sleeping, which can hinder others from sleeping. If you don’t have a white-noise machine, you can try playing some nice, gentle music instead.

    Siblings are a blessing and can make your child an even more amazing person. Click here to learn more.

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