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    Sleep is a very basic human need.  It’s the body’s way of restoring and preserving itself.  It contributes greatly to a baby’s overall growth and development.  Newborns, much to the dismay of their parents, typically have day and night confused. 


    No Sleep Training For Newborns
    It might not be a good idea to force train a newborn to sleep.  Around the clock feeding is expected since a baby’s stomach can only hold enough for about two to three hours at a time. The best advice you can give to any mother of a newborn is to get sleep when the baby sleeps.  This way mommy gets as much rest as humanly possible.

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    Regular Routines To Develop Consistent Sleep Patterns
    In the first three months of life, establishing a regular routine is very important.  This will pave the way to your child’s sleeping pattern.  A routine is a set of procedures or activities to be followed repeatedly.  For instance, every night at about 6:30, a bath is given, then a massage, singing for about five minutes, and then feeding before going to bed. The same goes for daytime activities.  Do the same activities every morning with nap times at the same time every day.  As you establish a routine, your baby learns that daytime is for playing and nighttime is for sleeping.  Little by little, she will sleep more at night and less during the day.

    Remember that sleep is very important for both you and your baby. Sleep training is definitely not for babies, given that they are constantly feeding. However, you can help your baby prepare to sleep regularly by developing a regular routine for her during both the daytime and nighttime.




    Interview with Dr. Abigail Laurel-Suntay. She holds clinics at Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Southwoods Multi-Specialty Clinic, and Tokyo Healthlink Inc., Medical and Diagnostic Center-Alabang.



    Photo from sxc.hu


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