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  • The ABCs of Baby Grooming

    Learn the A to Zs of looking after your tot's grooming needs.
    by Lili Narvaez .
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    A: Ask the experts.

    B: Bacteria cause serious illnesses, found anywhere on baby’s body.

    C: Cradle cap is a condition in newborns where the scalp has red splotches and flaky skin. Lightly rub oil onto baby’s head to get rid of it.

    D: Use warm water and the gentlest of baby products when giving daily baths.

    E: Earwax protects baby’s ears from dirt. Use a damp washcloth to wipe the parts of the outer ear. Don’t use cotton swabs as these push dirt farther in and can cause trauma and bleeding to the lining of his ears.

    F: Babies whose teeth are starting to erupt need fluoride, but only a small dose is required for young ones. Baby toothpaste has the right amount.

    G: After feeding, clean baby’s gums by wrapping cloth around your index finger and wiping them.

    H: When handling baby’s hair, comb out all tangles before washing. Check baby shampoo’s pH level; mild shampoos with a low pH between 4.5-6 is ideal. Anything higher causes tangling.

    I: Irritations can be found anywhere on baby’s body, so consult your doctor when you see eruptions on baby’s skin.

    J: Petroleum jelly helps alleviate skin conditions.

    K: Prepare baby’s “kikay kit” with all baby necessities.

    L: Baby has less oily, tough, and bacteria-resistant skin, with less melanin, making him more prone to irritation and sunburn.

    M: Remove excess mucus with a nasal suction bulb. Squeeze all air out of the bulb then place below baby’s nostril. The mucus will ease out. Wipe it off with a washcloth/tissue.

    N: Clip baby’s finger and toe nails weekly using emery boards, baby nail scissors, or blunt clippers—when she’s asleep.

    O: Warm oil first in your hand before applying on baby.

    P: Too much powder causes irritation and allergy.

    Q: Quench baby’s thirst after feeding and swish water to keep baby’s teeth healthy.

    R: Be ready all the time.

    S: Only use saline drops these if the thick mucus has dried up and can’t be sucked out with a nasal bulb. A drop or two would suffice, but first get the advice of your pediatrician.

    T: Tears clean out baby’s eyes. To clean, use a damp cotton ball or washcloth. Wipe from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

    U: For umbilical cord care, wipe the area dry with a cotton ball soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol. Keep it exposed to air. Don’t cover with diaper.

    V: Vinegar and warm water is a homemade solution that eliminates excess ear wax, but only apply 2-3 drops into the ear if your doctor approves.

    W: Have a washcloth in your baby bag, along with other cleaning and grooming products.

    X: X-tra time and care spent on this task gives baby the X-factor.

    Y: Your baby relies on you for all her needs so be mindful of your own needs, health, and hygiene.

    Z: Zero irritations, illnesses, and discomforts can only result from great baby grooming!

    Photography by Jun Pinzon

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