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  • Can Video Games Make Kids Smarter? This Japanese Tutoring Company Thinks It Can

    Could gaming join the likes of piano and ballet in the list of classic summer activities?
    by Karen Mae de Vera .
Can Video Games Make Kids Smarter? This Japanese Tutoring Company Thinks It Can
  • Gaming was once derided as a “brain-rotting” activity with cautionary tales revolving around excessive play causing endless parental anxiety. However, under regulated conditions and within a controlled environment, video games can actually provide many positive benefits!

    5 ways video games can help boost brain power

    A Japanese company called Gemutore, a portmanteau of “video games” and “training,” considers the medium as an educational extracurricular activity. Gemutore offers online tutorial services from seasoned professional players to develop basic video game know-how. The company aims to train the brain, hone communication skills, and improve the child’s overall mood.

    We also believe that it’s the best time to reexamine the hobby as esports (competitive gaming) is currently experiencing a major boom in the local industry and will become a medal sport in the upcoming Southeast Asian Games. Let’s look at some of these gaming benefits below.

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    Gaming stimulates the brain

    Gemutore’s lessons are strictly limited to hour-long morning lessons with a maximum of eight sessions per month. The tutorial service believes that video games should be used to jumpstart cognitive processes before going about the day. There was also a study conducted on the visually stimulating nature of the medium and observes how gaming can help manage dyslexia.


    Multiplayer games encourage teamwork

    Gemutore teachers handle up to three students at a time providing group work that encourages cooperation and communication in order to reach a common goal, just like in team-based sports. On the other hand, versus games can also teach children how to handle healthy competition and be a good sport.

    Video games may improve spatial reasoning and dexterity

    Basketball and football aren’t the only activities that improve hand-eye coordination. Fast-paced real-time strategy games offer a similar benefit where players must always be on the move, relying on their problem-solving skills to succeed within a limited time.

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    Cooperative play upgrades communication skills

    In this technologically-driven day and age, seeking actual human interaction is a valid concern. We want children to experience building friendships in real life. But instead of it hindering us, technology can also be a tool for socialization. For instance, particularly shy children can gain the confidence to chat and make friends while playing couch co-op (offline multiplayer games).

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    Older kids can maintain their real-life friendships online, even when they live far apart from each other, by communicating with them via chat. (However, be wary of your child’s purely online contacts and have open communication with them to ensure their safety.)

    Video games teach the value of patience

    Adventure games are known for clocking in hours of play as the main storyline branches out into several subplots. RPGs are a great way to practice time management as players are often presented with side quests that may distract from the main objective. Competitive games also require constant practice and leveling up in order to achieve victory, providing delayed gratification. Kids learn the value of hardwork and determination when they are aiming for a long-term goal.

    Remember that everything should be done in moderation lest the adverse effects of overexposure to the medium override its benefits. Parents must supervise their children’s schedule to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. One must also be vigilant when reviewing content to make sure that it’s kid-friendly. But most importantly, don’t forget to join in on the fun and spend quality time playing games with the kids.


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