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11 Photos That Show How Kids Are Coping With Online Classes At Home
PHOTO BY (LEFT TO RIGHT Courtesy of Lhay Anne Ma and Rhaine Drops
  • Now that the new school year has officially started for both private and public schools, we got curious as to how parents set up their children’s learning spaces at home. Did they have to invest on tables and chairs? How are the kids studying if there’s limited space at home?


    11 photos of study room ideas for kids

    We asked our parenting community, Smart Parenting Village, to share photos of their kids’ study areas — no matter how simple or grand the setup. And as we’ve seen, parents have “kanya-kanyang diskarte” especially if they live in a small home!

    Here are photos that show how parents and children are coping with online classes at home. You might even get study room ideas for your kids!

    A folding table is easy to tuck away when not in use!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ann Tarobal

    Mom Ann Tarobal says they have limited space, so her daughter’s play area also functions as her study area.

    Ang galing ni daddy!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Raine Drops

    Mom Raine Drops says this study table was made by her husband “na hindi naman karpintero.” She says, “Wood galing sa tabi-tabi, paint na tira-tira. Nothing fancy, just functional.” Props to the dad, though, for making an effort for his kids!

    Office and school sa umaga, master bedroom sa gabi!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Pauline Gutierrez-Edra
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    What do you do when you only have one bedroom to spare? Just use folding tables and chairs! “Itatabi na lang ‘pag hindi na kailangan,” shares mom Pauline Gutierrez-Edra.

    Any surface can be a study table!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Avi Ging

    Mom Avi Ging says that condo dwellers have super limited space, which is why they converted their dresser to function as their daughter’s study area, as well. We think it’s a great idea!

    Thanks to online classes, the kids have taken over the living room!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mau Fernandez

    Mom Mau Fernandez shares her daughter’s simple setup in their living room. “Table na de-tupi, ‘pag tapos na ang online class nililigpit at tinitiklop na agad para may space na sa sala,” she says.

    “Ate, I want to learn, too!”
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Maybel Dimailig-Sapico

    This photo is so cute! Mom Maybel Dimailig-Sapico shares that they decided to have online classes in the dining room, “para mas maluwang kasi nakiki-sit-in si bunso.

    We can feel that this boy is eager to learn!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lhay Anne Ma

    Mom Lhay Anne Ma made use of stools to create a makeshift learning area for her son. One functions as a table while the other is where his tablet is propped. We love that school supplies are in full display as well — it helps motivate the child!

    We must say that this learning corner looks adorable!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lhay Anne Ma

    Mom Vhia Vicente says they invested in a collapsible table because they also have limited space. We love the bin on the side, which can hold a number of your child’s things including pens and other school supplies.

    The girls look like they’re having fun in class!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Irish Casaljay

    If you have two or more kids, putting them side by side or in front of each other can help them stay motivated or focused on their schoolwork, just like what mom Irish Casaljay did with her daughters.

    Baby is so techie!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ruby Dichoso

    One advantage of working at home? Parents on the night shift can lend their gadgets to their kids, just like mom Ruby Dichoso whose son uses her husband's computer.  “We don’t have a study room, sa sala lang ‘yan. Nakikigamit lang din siya sa daddy niya,” she shares.

    Here’s a good idea: Have a “reinforcement board” that will remind kids of the consequences of their behavior.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Carla Medina-Orca

    Mom Carla Medina-Orca shares that they repurposed most of their furniture to create a study space for their child. “’Yung table ginagamit din namin as dining table kaya dapat kaunti lang ang nakalagay para mabilis iconvert,” she says. “Ang mahala organized, focused, at kumportable ang aming estudyante.” We agree!


    Want to invest on homeschooling furniture for your little ones? Click here for a list of stores!

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