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Mom Says P4,000 Price Tag on This Tracker Watch Is Worth It
PHOTO BY courtesy of Hannah Escañan
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  • An incident in a school prompted mom Hannah Escañan to look for a GPS tracker watch for her daughter, Darla. No, the 5-year-old didn't get lost.

    Hannah shared that Darla came running home after an immersion day (a trial day at a preschool). She thought her daughter would be excited to tell her fun stories, but instead, Darla said she wanted to go home because the teacher had a “pamalo.”

    “When we got back home, we had a conversation about what happened and let it go. But, it made me more anxious about leaving her. I wanted her to be independent, yet I still wanted to protect her even if I'm not there,” says the mom.

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    Hannah found her reassurance and peace of mind through our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, where she asked the moms to recommend a tracker smartwatch for kids.

    “They gave me different brands, and I did my research,” Hannah tells SmartParenting.com.ph. “I was drawn to Little Locator’s website because everything I needed to know was there, and when I contacted the support, they patiently answered all my questions.”

    The Little Locator watch (or Lilo for short) connects to your mobile phone via an app. You can track your child's location and be notified immediately when the paired device leaves the area. You can set a radius around your child’s school, for example, and be notified when your child goes beyond it. Available for purchase on its website, the Lilo watch comes with a Php3,990 price tag and is available in black, blue, pink, and white.


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    The watch has features like "Voice Messages," which allows mom and dad to leave short voice messages on the watch for their child to hear. "Voice Call" lets you make real-time calls to your child. And, there’s also an S.O.S. button on the watch that the child can press to alert mom or dad if something’s wrong. 

    “The function I love most is the ‘Listen’ tool because I can listen to her environment without the watch ringing,” says Hannah. 

    “At first, I underestimated her thinking that she would play with it and call us nonstop, but I was wrong. Once I introduced the watch to her, she was able to navigate the controls quickly. She's still learning to read, so the kid-friendly animation helps. 

    “Also, when she calls us, there are pre-set pictures of family members for mom, dad, lolo, and lola shown on the watch. She only calls us when she wants to tell us about her day in school or if she wants pasalubong.” 

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    For all these functions to work, a SIM card must be inserted into the watch. The SIM card needs to have enough load for the watch to make calls and use data. The watch uses up 100 MB a month on average, according to the Lilo website. 

    Lilo recommends a postpaid SIM, so you don’t have to worry about the watch not having enough load. If not, the company suggests a prepaid SIM and subscribing the number to a monthly unlimited call and data package. “This is to avoid having to pull the SIM card out just to register to a promo,” it said.

    Hannah thinks the expense is worth it. “She now knows to wear it every time she goes out of the house,” she says. “Nowadays, so many things can happen when we’re not around. And I know that having this watch with her means she has her dad and me with her always. Nothing can replace having peace of mind knowing that my daughter is safe.”

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