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  • 7 Celebrity Moms Who Are Not Afraid to Show the Realities of #MomLife

    Sans their celebrity status, you’d be surprised to know that they are just like us.
    by Kitty Elicay .
7 Celebrity Moms Who Are Not Afraid to Show the Realities of #MomLife
PHOTO BY @jennicauytingco, @krisaquino, @iamsuperbianca / Instagram
  • Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, celebrities can connect with their fans on a whole new level. We get to take more than a peek into their lives. Even when they’re decked out in gorgeous clothes or flawless makeup most of the time, there are unguarded moments that make us think, "Oh, they can be like us, too."

    In the case of celebrity moms, they give us a glimpse of their crazy #MomLife. It’s a pretty nice reminder that even celebrities can’t escape the ups and downs of motherhood. That’s because kids will always be kids — and parenting will never be smooth sailing.

    If you’re looking for some mom inspo, here are some celebrity mommas who are not afraid to show you what it’s like to be a parent:

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    1. Jennica Uytingco

    Though she mostly kept out of show business since she got pregnant in 2014, Jennica, who has yet to approach her 30s, has gained a huge following on Instagram. She’s inspiring fellow moms through her advocacy of natural parenting (espouses full-term breastfeeding and co-sleeping, among others) and her unfiltered thoughts on pregnancy (she is expecting her second child with husband Alwyn), family life, and raising her firstborn, Mori. She now conducts parenting workshops, proving just how much people respect this young momma’s parenting skills.


    But even as you marvel how she’s doing this whole parenting thing right, a quick look on Instagram will reveal that she’s just like any mom — she gets tired and sometimes forgets to cook dinner. She has to deal with a very energetic toddler! All too familiar, right?

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    2. Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

    The celebrity host has always been outspoken even before becoming a mom. And she hasn’t let motherhood stop her from talking about issues she deems necessary to discuss, like how “millennial moms are under a lot of pressure” to be perfect (and to breastfeed!). She also feels “mom guilt” especially when she’s away from daughter Lucia. She deals with sleepless nights from being a working mom. All this she unabashedly shares on her Instagram account.

    If you need some positive reinforcement, follow Bianca — she will remind you that self-care doesn’t hurt, that it’s okay if you’re not a perfect mother (no one is!), and that at the end of the day, your greatest reward will always be your children.

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    3. Neri Miranda


    Neri’s Instagram is as real as it gets that it’s hard to think that she’s a celebrity and wife of a rock star. From lengthy captions that tell stories of her day, sweet photos (and messages!) of her and husband Chito, and adorable photos of their son, Miggy, you’d think that you’re just following your best mom friend on Instagram.

    But what we appreciate is her no-nonsense approach to parenting — she’s not afraid to show off her tiangge finds for her son, admit that she sometimes gets stressed, not to mention exhausted, and that she doesn’t really mind what you think of her as a mother. In short, she’s not on Instagram to please you, and that’s what makes you want to follow her.

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    4. Kris Aquino

    Kris has always been the talk of the town and for many reasons. But love her or hate her, the Queen of All Media tries her best to be a good solo parent to her sons, Josh and Bimby. 


    While she takes things up a notch when it comes to posting on Instagram, deep down she’s just like any other mom who likes to share these moments: bonding with her kids, her worries whenever her kids are sick, and the celebrations when her kids achieve something great. So don’t be surprised if she shows off Bimby’s report cards for all the world to see — she’s just a proud mother, after all.

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    5. Saab Magalona

    Saab’s unfiltered pregnancy journey is getting a lot of nods on Instagram because she’s not afraid to talk about what many of us are hesitant to say on a public platform. 

    She’s embracing body positivity and doesn’t mind calling out those who sexualize pregnant women. She confesses to having hand-me-down maternity clothes (who doesn’t?) and continues to do what she loves despite her growing belly. She’s enjoying every stage of her pregnancy, and we love that we’re all joining the ride!


    6. Jodi Sta. Maria

    This mom has over 1 million followers on Instagram and for a good reason. She's an example of a single mother who knows how to take care of her son well without forgetting to care for herself, too.

    Jodi is a well-rounded mama. Marvel at her beauty and sense of style, her effort to stay in shape, her perseverance to never stop learning, and her ability to become friends with her ex's current partner. Her captions are always positive, uplifting, and inspiring that it's hard not to click that 'Follow' button. There's no doubt that Jodi is a kind-hearted individual which is why moms aspire to be like her.

    7. Judy Ann Santos

    From her time as a teleserye queen up to the time she has become a mom, Judy Ann has always had this nice but sensible attitude that made everyone love her. 'What you see is what you get' is what you often think when looking at her feed.


    You'll get a sense of her parenting style from her feed — like how she limits screen time for her kids, how she deals with her child's tantrum, or how she uses cooking to teach her kids valuable lessons. And celebrity status aside, you'll be glad to know that she's just like any mom. Exercising makes her cringe (although she knows she needs it and she's actually pretty awesome at it). She loves taking selfies and photobombing friends, and she knows how to show her man some lovin' (or make fun of him sometimes, heh).

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