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Princess Tent Kapalit Ng 2 Kilong Manok! The Best Items Moms Got From Bartering
PHOTO BY (LEFT TO RIGHT) Courtesy of Argrace Mhay Uy and Czel Cee
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    There's no doubt about it: moms are the best when it comes to scoring good deals and buys. So, when we discovered one mom who was able to get a play tent, remote-controlled car, and a kiddie slide in exchange for a stroller, some grocery items, and baby essentials (read her story here!), we just knew there were other wais moms out there with similar experiences.  

    Best items moms got from bartering 

    Inspired by Shane Gaza, the mom who first shared her barter story, our Smart Parenting Village members quickly shared their best trades online. And we must say, ang gagaling talaga ng mommies! Here are the best barters they’ve done:

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    1. Play tent

    Mom Czel Cee shares that she got a princess tent in exchange for 2 kilos of chicken! (Yes, you read that right!) She also got a set of Avent baby bottles plus a bib and bag for 2 packs of milk.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Czel Cee

    2. Puzzle clock and play tent

    Would you believe mom Jem Bon Mont got a puzzle clock and a play tent in exchange for 4 pieces of Splenda sweetener?
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jem Bon Mont

    3. Memory game and grocery items

    Mom Elsie Munisalvas gave 1 liter of cooking oil and some old clothes for a memory game and grocery items.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Elsie Munisalvas
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    4. Sofa bed, rocking horse, and push toy

    Mom Louie Jeal Gualdrapa Mendez got lucky because she was able to snag a rocking horse, push toy, and sofa bed by trading old bags and milk!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Louie Jeal Gualdrapa Mendez
    5. Learning tools

    Mom Scarlet Eunice Velez let go of an old toaster to make way for a barely used Grolier Fun Thinkers learning set!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Scarlet Eunice Velez

    6. Inflatable castle

    Wow! Mom Argrace Mhay Uy snagged a castle floater in exchange for a pacifier. And her kids seem happy with the trade!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Argrace Mhay Uy
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    7. Diapers and more

    Mom Mallari Mallari says, "super saya mag-barter!" She exchanged preloved clothes and a diaper bag, plus an old rice cooker for these diapers, milk, and dishwashing liquid.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mallari Mallari

    8. Wooden blocks

    Mom Rhiye Pinon considers getting these wooden blocks in exchange for a butterfly toy as her first successful barter!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rhiye Pinon

    9. Tea set


    The tea set on the table was traded for 2 bottles of vitamins, shares mom Paula Marie Garcia. She also got a penguin stuffed toy along with it!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Paula Marie Garcia


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    10. Sofa bed

    Mom Jenna Lein Cristobal is a master at bartering. She's already traded 25 times this quarantine and one of her best deals is getting a sofa bed in exchange for 4 packs of cow's milk!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jenna Lein Cristobal
    11. Play mat and pillows


    Mom Alex Ilarina Lucero also loves to barter, but so far her favorite trades involve this play mat, which she exchanged for a 2 packs of biscuits and a pack of Yakult, plus baby pillows and beddings in exchange for baby wipes!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Alex Ilarina Lucero


    12. Coffee maker

    A blender bartered for a coffee maker? It's a good deal for mom Gaile Catipon!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Gaile Catipon
    13. Kitchen rack


    You can barter practically anything online! Mom Joana Isidro-Cajayon traded rice and eggs for this kitchen rack and also got a kiddie slide, rocking horse, and car in exchange for diapers, milk, and snacks!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Joana Isidro-Cajayon
    Do you love to barter online? Share your best deals and trades in the comments! Or if you've been inspired to declutter, click here for some tips on how you can make money off your preloved items!


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