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‘Things Change When You Have A Kid’: Coleen And Billy’s Couple Pictures Is Photobombed By Amari
  • Ever had that romantic or maybe even a hot moment turn family-friendly all of a sudden because baby walks in? Looks like this is what Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford recently experienced during a shoot.

    On June 6, Coleen posted a carousel of photos on her Instagram account captioned “Things change when you have a kid.” 

    Photos went from Billy gazing at his wife to Amari realizing mom and dad were having fun without him. Amari joins the couple portrait session and it turns into a happy family photoshoot real quick.

    Many parents couldn’t help but send a series of laughing emoji with tears of joy, like the newly-minted mom of four Iya Villania and digital creator Kryz Uy. KC Montero also sent his laughs.

    Coleen enjoys motherhood

    The shift into parenthood can be a challenge for marriage and partnerships. Coleen seems to be thoroughly enjoying her motherhood journey, often sharing her precious moments with Amari.

    Breastfeeding Amari is a bonding moment Coleen enjoys, even when her son brings a basketball to their bed just so he can fall asleep. 

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    She recently shared that her son is allowed a “comfort item” to bring to bed with him and it initially started out with small items like rocks and small balls.

    A quick review of Coleen’s Instagram feed will show that it seems Amari does love balls, many of his photos show him holding a soccer ball or swimming with a small basketball in hand.

    Coleen also often shares photos of the two of them enjoying a nap or downtime together. For many moms who usually can’t wait to put down their babies so they can get on with their tasks, it’s a reminder that being available for their children–even if it’s just as a bed to sleep on–is just as productive as home management tasks.

    It seems that Coleen and Billy thoroughly enjoy being a family of three. The Crawfords celebrated mom and dad’s fourth anniversary in April at Amanpulo.

    “I wonder how many family photos we’ll get to take without a bah,” Coleen writes in a carousel post of an attempt at family photos on vacation. With a soccer ball, of course.

    Tips for new parents to stay connected

    Couple time often disappears when a child is born into a family, and parents sometimes find difficulty transitioning. 

    When it’s just mom, dad, and child, it’s easy for new parents to make everything about the child.

    The connection a couple enjoys pre-parenthood shifts. Here are three ways you can nurture your connection as new parents right now:

    1. Express your gratitude toward your partner.

    It can be as simple as that glass of water on your bedside before you sleep or when one takes over the diaper duty, saying a heartfelt thank you will put both of you in a positive mood toward each other.

    The more you take time to say thanks even for the seemingly smallest of things, the more it will become natural in your relationship.

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    This habit can fight off or prevent the feelings of being taken for granted which often surface in long-term relationships.

    2. Focus on your friendship.

    Try not to put too much pressure on the sexual intimacy aspect of your relationship, especially in the immediacy of a newborn. Remember that intimacy can be expressed and enjoyed in many ways.

    “Work to maintain the foundation of friendship you had before the baby arrived,” advises Eagle Family Ministry, a non-profit organization in the US.

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    This might mean asking your partner about their hobby or sport, or even a show or movie they watch on their own. Be deliberate in communicating your own thoughts and feelings during those pockets of time when you find yourselves alone–the chores can wait.

    3. Manage your expectations.

    Life changes and adjusts each time a new member comes in. It may take time for things to feel “normal” or for your family to find its new groove. 

    Things may not go back to the way it once was and expecting for it to be so can set you up for disappointment or resentment.

    Manage expectations of yourselves and your child as well–it’s a new experience and everyone is learning. Comparing yourselves to other mothers, fathers, children, or families can create frustration.

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