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  • Jake Ejercito and Ellie Dive In Boracay And It Reminds Us That Father-Daughter Relationships Are Important

    A strong daddy-daughter bond allows for more confident and self-assured girls
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio .
Jake Ejercito and Ellie Dive In Boracay And It Reminds Us That Father-Daughter Relationships Are Important
  • Jake Ejercito, model and actor who’s currently part of ABS-CBN’s The Broken Marriage Vow spent his birthday weekend at Boracay with his 10-year-old daughter Ellie Eigenmann.

    He recently posted a carousel of candid photos of him and Ellie with the caption “Boracay sunset still hit different.” The post shows the sunset, the father and daughter duo swimming, and Ellie enjoying a fast food meal.

    Commenters were quick to point how Jake is a “loving father” and the “Best dad to beautiful Ellie.” Jake and Andi Eigenmann co-parent their daughter.

    Other netizens could not help but admire Jake as a father, claiming that Ellie is lucky because he prioritizes her. “Inuuna talaga siya ng daddy niya compared sa love life niya.”


    Jake also shared through another post that he and Ellie dove together, a first time for Dad Jake.  He captioned his post:

    “Wish we had a better underwater cam, but it was awesome to be with Ellie on my first ever dive. Looking forward to the next one already”

    Why the father-daughter relationship is important

    Research has shown that fathers play a key role in the development in the lives of their daughters, says Very Well Family. “When fathers are present in their daughters’ lives, girls grow up with a healthy sense of who they are.”

    Among the benefits of a strong daddy-daughter bond are: confident, self-assured girls who have a clear understanding of what they want in life, says the family resource site.

    Girls who are close to their dad reportedly also “feel more confident in relationships with partners in general, have better grades in school,” and “are more likely to pursue higher education.”

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    Four easy ways to dads can build their relationship with their daughters

    1. Start right away.

    It’s never too early to start! If you’ve been speaking to your child in utero, your infant daughter knows your voice, too.

    Hit two birds with one stone by bonding with your infant daughter through activities that don’t require mom, like changing diapers, cuddling, bathing, bottle feeding, or sunbathing. Allowing mommy to rest and being a supportive partner is an additional perk!


    2. Go on one-on-one dates.

    “Every parent-child relationship should include one-on-one dates,” says Very Well Family. As soon as your daughter is old enough to take on a date, schedule solo time with her.

    It doesn’t have to be expensive or grand. Simple things make children happy like taking them to their favorite fast-food chain.


    When they’re older you can introduce fun activities like riding a bike or learning to kick a soccer ball, or hiking. You can also try what Jake did with Ellie, diving!

    3. Validate them often.

    If you’re tired of the way some influences may be negatively affecting girl’s expectations of themselves, dads can help daughters reject harmful stereotypes

    Talk about the importance of character instead of your daughter’s physical appearance. Remind them that a healthy mind and body is a worthwhile goal. Praise them when they are courageous and when they show empathy, compassion, and determination.

    4. Write letters or notes.

    Taking five minutes to write a short note to your daughter can have maximum impact on her sense of security and self-worth. You can tell them what you enjoyed doing with them or how proud you are of them.

    “These personal expressions are tangible examples of your love for them and something they will probably hold on to for the rest of their life.”

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