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  • Ina Raymundo’s Parenting Tip: Don’t Give Kids Devices Until They Find Other Hobbies

    The mom of 5 also advocates for limiting children’s screen time.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
Ina Raymundo’s Parenting Tip: Don’t Give Kids Devices Until They Find Other Hobbies
PHOTO BY Instagram/inaraymundo95
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    Ina Raymundo is one proud momma sharing photos and videos of her and her husband Brian Portunak's five children while showing off their talents.

    Eldest Erika, who turns 20 on October 10, 2020, plays the piano and sings. Second child and only boy Jakob, 17, also plays the piano and is into sports. Middle child Miki, 13, draws and writes comic books. The last two, Anika, 10, and Minka, 8, are both budding pianists.

    Ina, her husband, and their brood (L-R) Anika, Erika, Jakob, Minka, and Miki are currently based in Canada.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/inaraymundo95

    Ina acknowledges, in a recent Instagram post, that she has to constantly remind her kids this one rule: practice makes perfect.


    The actress writes in the caption of her post, "I didn’t know that Minka was throwing a bit of a tantrum until I saw this video. It’s because I asked her to play La Vie En Rose over and over again." She's referring to, of course, the classic French tune.

    Minka, says her mom Ina, admits to acting like throwing a tantrum when asked to play La Vie En Rose over and over again.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/inaraymundo95

    She adds,  "I have to admit, more than half of the time, I still remind my daughters to practice and play the piano because all they want to do is be on their gadgets! I’ve done all sorts of drama (ahh I’ve used my acting chops, trust me) to convince them that for them to be great pianists, they MUST practice every day. 'Practice Makes Perfect' is my mantra for them."

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    Anika goes by the hashtag #AnikaMusikera in her mom's posts.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/inaraymundo95

    Ina then breaks her own practice of "rarely give advice here on my IG page" and writes "probably my longest caption."

    She goes on, "For young parents out there, pls try your best to limit your children’s screen time. It really is a big distraction for your child to learn something else. Do it while they are still young."

    Ina's wish for Miki is for the gamer and artist to have her comic books published one day.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/inaraymundo95

    Ina points out, "Don’t give them any devices and hold it for as long as you can. They need to learn something first like play an instrument, paint, draw, read or play a sport and wait until they really enjoy it first before they start using an iPad or a mobile phone."

    Jakob is into sports like baseball, aside from playing the piano just like her sisters.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/inaraymundo95

    Ina explains, "That way they know that being on social media is just a secondary thing to do otherwise you’re going yo have a tough time convincing your child to do something else."

    Erika, says her mom Ina in an Instagram post, "could belt out a song at the age of 2, but there is still a deep well of talent that hasn’t been tapped." The rising musical artist has been accepted at the prestigious Berlee College of Music in the United States.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/inaraymundo95
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