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  • Isabelle Daza on Glamorous Motherhood Pics: 'This Isn't My Reality'

    The model marks her second month as a mom with a very real Instagram post
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison . Published Jun 1, 2018
Isabelle Daza on Glamorous Motherhood Pics: 'This Isn't My Reality'
PHOTO BY isabelledaza/Instagram
  • In the short period that she has been a mom, Isabelle Daza says she has learned so much. Posting a breastfeeding photo on Instagram yesterday to mark her child's second month, the model/actress says the journey has been challenging but wonderful.

    "From learning how to latch the baby to burping him- then putting the baby back to sleep after burping, taking him a bath and worrying about jaundice, late night crying and singing weird rhymes to appease him," she wrote as part of her caption.

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    Isabelle, who married brand executive Adrien Semblat in 2016, gave birth to a son in April 2018 via an emergency C-section. Since then, she has been sharing snippets of her life as a mom on her social media account.


    Her followers have been complimenting Isabelle for her very real posts about mommyhood, which they find highly relatable, from the sleepless nights to her weight gain. Now, she reveals that she is ready to introduce the bottle to her son so she could take extra hours of rest.

    A month ago, Isabelle shared that so she could sleep even for just four hours a night, she hired a night nurse to take care of her baby, conveniently though the mobile phone app AIDE.

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    In her latest post, she reiterated that she is still struggling with the weight she gained during pregnancy, "so I compensate by taking nice photos where I’m “glammed up” but the truth is this isn’t my reality!" 

    "Becoming a mom has been a learning experience and I’m loving every minute of it," she added.    

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