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  • Engaged And Living The Island Life: Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero And Kids Live In The Beach For A Month

    The celebrity couple celebrated two birthdays and a proposal!
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio .
Engaged And Living The Island Life: Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero And Kids Live In The Beach For A Month
  • Newly engaged celebrity couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero have been living in Boracay for almost a month now. Their family just celebrated a number of milestones including mom Aubrey’s 42nd birthday, their eldest son Maurie’s birthday and yes you read that right, mom and dad getting married!

    “We just want to show the kids how‘s life around the island. We feel that school will be opening soon and this is our only chance,” she wrote on her Instagram post on March 6.

    Month-long island life

    Aubrey, Troy, and their three kids join a list of celebrities who’ve moved out of Metro Manila. In their case, at least for a short period.

    “I’ve heard so many people now trying the beach life lately. Maybe not to live permanently but to try something different or experience the life at the beach especially with kids for an extended time. So we decided to stay in Boracay for a month,” Aubrey shares on March 12.


    Troy shares “1st time to bring so many maletas to the beach.” He includes a hashtag he created, “#6MaletasOhMy”.

    Fit and active on the beach

    Among their island activities are fishing, parasailing, jet-skiing, riding the ATV, running along the beach, and maybe even surfing.

    “When I was a kid my parents would always force me to go out do touristy things or participate in activities. I always said no but of course I had to go. End up I would actually have fun and ask to do it again. I’m glad they forced me to go,” Aubrey writes on March 14. 

    She continues, “So we do it with our kids too. Now they actually ask to go all the time. I think it’s worth a try for parents to force them to join. We just make sure the activity really involves kids and adults. Thanks for appreciating what we do for you guys.”

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    Troy reminisces his childhood through one of their activities, fishing.

    “Was pretty excited my fam wanted to go fishing. I grew up fishing and one thing I know it’s not about how many you catch (we only caught 2) or who catches them (Maurie caught both of them) but the time spent together.

    Great job Fam! We’ll get em’ on the next Fishing Adventure!”

    ‘Mommy duties talaga’

    In between the enviable beach and bikini photos, Aubrey also shares snippets of her mommy moments. 

    "If I could give my daughter 3 things. It would be confidence to always know herself worth, the strength to chase her dreams and ability to know how deeply loved she is.” Aubrey and Troy’s youngest child is Rocket Miller.

    In a recent post five days ago, Aubrey is all of us moms who shares a photo of herself at the beach but admits is attending to her “mommy duties” while she is posting.


    “Don’t be fooled by this bikini shot. Nag segue lang ako baka naman maka tyamba ng isa. Mommy duties talaga tayo sa oras na to.”

    Upon swiping, we see a few behind the scenes of Aubrey trying to catch Rocket and keep her from sinking too far down into the ocean.

    Mom and dad are getting married!

    On the evening of March 22, Troy Montero broke the news that they’re getting married.

    “Together 18 years, Engaged 8 hours… Here’s to Forever with you!” he writes.


    Today Aubrey shares a bit of her side of the story, “Woke up to this forever happiness. I’ve always known it’s him. Yesterday, I realized how exciting it is to get engaged and wearing a ring on my left hand."

    She adds, “It’s too beautiful not to share this. If you know how It went down? I said ‘Thank you and YES!’ Lol pag kita ko sa ring napa thank you muna ako bago Yes.”

    In a vlog posted on June 4, 2021 entitled “CANCELLED WEDDING | 18 Years Together and Still Not Married!” on their Livin’ With Troy and Aubrey YouTube Channel, to celebrity couple revealed that they’ve been constantly asked when they plan to get married.

    Aubrey shares that it’s just “not on our wishlist” because that’s just how they are. She says on their vlog, “Why fix it if it's not broken? We have nothing to fix. We're happy, we're good, we're satisfied with our relationship. Everything that we want, nasa gusto namin. 

    “'Yung wedding is not really on our list before nga. 'Di ba? Parang hindi siya 'yung talagang wish list namin kapag may mga list sa relationship. Because ganun lang talaga kami mag-isip.”

    But now that their children are a bit older, Aubrey and Troy realize a wedding would be a memorable event as a family. 

    Troy says in the vlog, “Of course the kids, deep down, I know they want us to get married, you know. And now that they're getting older, so when they say that, it has a little bit more meaning.


    He adds, “So we're like, 'Guys, at least now you're old enough, you'd appreciate it when we do 'cause you're gonna be there.’”

    Our way was different, not wrong

    Troy says in the vlog that the way he and Aubrey built their family is merely different, not wrong. 

    Their initial wedding plan was an intimate wedding in Batanes on April 23, 2020 with just Troy’s mom, his brother KC and wife Stephanie Dods, Aubrey’s mom and their three kids as guests. And this was before intimate weddings became normal due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    They reveal that they never really envisioned themselves having a grand wedding, even before the pandemic. And like most couples, their Batanes wedding was canceled due to the global health crisis.

    Buhay probinsya tips you can do now

    For most families who have moved out of the city, they claim it’s one of the best decisions they’ve made. Buhay probinsya is all that it’s cut out to be: simple is beautiful.


    Below are two simple living tips for parents we can practice, no matter our address.

    1. Acquire less.

    Living away from commercial areas, malls, and the like shows us we don’t need a lot to be happy. Teaching our kids to enjoy what we have and to only buy things when necessary can be a way for us to start living a simple life even if we’re not living the island life.

    The key to this practice: parents must be models at not being materialistic.

    2. Be present.

    We don’t have to wait to live by the beach for us to put down our phones when we spend time with our kids. Once work is done, put away all gadgets to focus on the kids. Create a rule that no phones are allowed when you’re eating together.

    This isn’t a hard and fast rule that means you can’t take photos or videos of your kids, or that you can’t bond with them using Instagram filters. As parents, you know when you are giving your child your full attention and when you aren’t.

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