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  • Moms Can’t Help But React To Lara Quigaman’s Cold Coffee Story: ‘This Is Our Reality’

    They called it a very real part of "buhay nanay."
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • While motherhood is different for every mom, there are also shared experiences that only a fellow mom will get. For instance, former beauty queen Lara Quigaman recently shared a story about drinking cold coffee that all mothers could not help but relate to.

    In her Instagram account, the mom of three recalled how her morning started last January 12, 2021, “I switched on the kettle and while I waited, I picked up toys, shoes, cleaned up a little, and as I went back to the kitchen, I saw the kettle and remembered I was supposed to make myself a cup of coffee."

    The water had gone cold by this time, so Lara reheated it and proceeded to prepare her cup of coffee. Then, motherhood happened. Moses, her youngest son, cried.

    “I fed him, changed him, and put him back to sleep. Then I started collecting Tobias’ (her second child) used bottles and brought them to the sink to wash them… saw my cup and the kettle. I had forgotten again!” the mom lamented.

    Determined to have her cup of coffee, Lara said that she switched the kettle on again and “this time, I waited for the water to boil, poured it in my cup and sat down to enjoy it.” Of course, one of her kids inevitably interrupted again.

    “Just as I was about to take a sip, Tobias called for me. So I set my coffee aside and attended to Tobias, washed him and changed him.”

    She adds, “As Noah (her eldest) and Tobias played together, I tried to think of what it was that I needed to do — and I thought of about a thousand things that needed to be done and I also remembered my cup of coffee that is now lukewarm and can't drink anymore (I like my coffee hot)."


    Lara shares that she can’t even remember the point of her story, but she needed to post it as a reminder that “I don't ever want to forget that I forgot to drink my coffee several times today and just to remind myself that I love my kids but it's also okay to want a few moments for myself.”

    On our parenting, Smart Parenting Village, Lara’s post obviously struck a chord with our members, calling it a very real part of “#BuhayNanay.” The also shared their similar experiences.

    “Nung newborn si LO (little one) same scenario kay Miss Lara,” one mom said. “Maswerte pa ako this time na naiinom ko na ang kape ko na mainit kasi maaga ako nagigising.”

    “That happens to me every time since I work from home and I’m a single mom attending to my son. At the end of the day, makikita ko yung mug ko, nandun pa rin yung kape na tinimpla ko ng umaga,” said another.

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    And it’s not just limited to coffee. Our moms shared that they also have to rush meals so they can attend to their children.

    “Sa pagkain nakakalimutan ko na kakain na pala ako... mahirap na masaya maging nanay at asawa,” said one member.

    One mom recalls, “Kahit sa pagkain din madalian.. alam mo yung may handaan kayo sa bahay, madaming masasarap na pagkain pero di ka makakain ng maayos kasi ayaw palapag ng baby mo.”

    Lara’s story also shows all the invisible work that a mom does in her daily life. “When people think you [don’t have] much to do as a stay-at-home mom but this is our reality — 24/7 ka dapat available pati sa hubby mo,” said one of our members.

    In the end, they also offered their solutions how moms can still enjoy their coffee while managing the demands of motherhood.

    “Pinanindigan ko na, from hot coffee to iced coffee — nilalagay ko na lang diretso sa ref,” shared one of our members.

    “Binilhan ako ni hubby ng klean kanteen so pag inom ko, napapaso pa ako,” added another.

    “My coffee habits agree with motherhood. I like preparing my coffee hot and then waiting for it to turn lukewarm before drinking it. So, I prepare my coffee first, and then do a lot of mommy tasks before I sit down to relax and drink,” shared one momma.

    But just like Lara pointed out, with everything that they do for the family, moms should not forget to carve out little moments for themselves. Self-care is not selfish, after all.


    As one of our members said, “It’s important to have a break for ourselves sometimes. We sometimes never get things done because our children are our first priority and we often forget about ourselves for them. To all wondermoms who are here, we are amazing and we are doing great!”

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