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  • 'Don't Lie Down During Class': Mom Shares Rules For Daughter Learning At Home

    Hopefully, it can help your kids focus better during online classes.
    by Kitty Elicay .
'Don't Lie Down During Class': Mom Shares Rules For Daughter Learning At Home
PHOTO BY courtesy of Blythe Torrecampo
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    The new school year will be a period of adjustment for parents and students alike as they test out the different learning approaches — homeschooling, blended learning, and distance education. Because it’s a different experience, parents might be wondering how they can help their children get the right mindset for learning at home. One of the ways is to set up their own study area so they focus on schoolwork, but it’s also crucial to establish a routine as well as clear rules that your child can follow.

    How to set rules for online learning

    Looking for inspiration? We found one mom who recently shared the “class rules” that she and her 8-year-old daughter came up with before the start of classes. Some of the points on the list are pretty funny, but it’s also straightforward and practical. Take a look:

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    "Mommy and Julia’s Class Rules"

    1. Make sure to be ready and logged in 10 minutes before class. When we say “ready,” it means [you’ve had] breakfast, taken a bath, and your hair is already combed.
    2. Be polite at all times.
    3. Never play or open your games during class hours.
    4. Strict schedule will be observed.
    5. During class hours, this is NOT your bedroom BUT your classroom. I am NOT Mommy BUT Teacher and you are NOT my daughter BUT my student.
    6. Until June 2021, you will be the daily cleaner of your classroom. Make sure to: a) sweep the floor, b) wipe your table, c) put all trash in the bin, d) put all pens and markers in their containers, e) erase what's written on the white board, f) tuck in the chair
    7. You are not allowed to lay on your bed during class hours. Please be aware that I will be putting CCTV to check on you even if the doors are closed.
    8. Stay focused. We are not playing around or doing role-play. It’s all for real.
    9. Do not play around your class’ chat box. It is not your Roblox chatroom. You are graded in everything you do.
    10. Please write. We have wasted notebooks for three years. Let’s make it different now. And please write legibly. I don’t want to [have to] guess your writings.


    Mom Blythe Torrecampo with her daughter Julia and son Jedi.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Blythe Torrecampo


    The mom behind the list, Blythe Torrecampo, tells SmartParenting.com.ph that she and her daughter, Julia agreed on the points for a more disciplined and smoother flow once school starts on August 24. “She participated and I had her sign at the bottom as a constant reminder that she agreed to follow the rules,” the mom of two shares.

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    Julia's signed copy of the class rules displayed in her room. Yep, the rules are clear all right.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Blythe Torrecampo
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    A parent’s constant fear with online learning is that kids will lose interest in school and will not be able to concentrate. Blythe thought it was necessary to establish rules like “no lying down” during class hours and avoiding online games. She also wanted Julia to feel responsible for her study area which is why she added tasks like tidying up the room (just like how they do it in school!).

    The rules are particularly helpful for Blythe, since she’s the one who experienced difficulty with the new norms of schooling. “Julia is coping faster than me. Being a not-so-techie person, she sometimes needs to teach me the ins and outs of going through the different learning platforms,” the mom admits.

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    How routines help your child adjust to online learning

    Experts have said that forming a routine benefits a child in many ways, including fostering independence and improving behavior. Blythe can attest to this, since she can already see how the rules have changed her daughter’s personality. To think school has not even started yet!

    “Prior to the opening of classes, I enrolled her in online tutorials to prep her with the new setup. So far, she is mindful of her schedule and follows it well,” the mom shares.

    Julia is an incoming fourth grader at a private school in Marikina City. Blythe shares that while she considered homeschooling and shifting to a public school, she knew this would require extra adjustment and her daughter might find it difficult to deal with the changes. “She has friends in school that she considers her sisters, so seeing them online during the synchronous classes can be a source of comfort,” Blythe says.


    She adds, “Also, we believe in the Benedictine discipline that is being instilled to her by the school and we would like her to continue with that journey. Her current school is the best fit for her. With a positive heart we all hope the pandemic would end soon and with that kids will physically be back in school.”

    How are you coping with online learning, moms and dads? Share your experience in the comments!

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