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  • 7 Doable Goals to Help You Take Better Care of Yourself and Your Family

    It's a new year, and we promise new (realistic) resolutions.
    by Kate Borbon .
7 Doable Goals  to Help You Take Better Care of Yourself and Your Family
  • It’s official: 2019 is here! Now, we know what you're thinking — not another list of new year resolutions that serve as a reminder of what you have not been able to do. But you can also look at the new year as another set of 365 opportunities that you can pursue again. How to make the most of this new year? 

    Here are 7 doable goals that are not only fun and relaxing, but it gives you a chance at self-care without feeling like you've neglected your family

    Throw a postpartum party for yourself

    Baby showers celebrate the upcoming birth of a new baby, but if you’re expecting a new addition to your family (and it's your second or third — you get the picture), why not have a postpartum party instead? We love this idea offered by Bust magazine. "What if we took all the energy, time, and money that goes into prenatal fanfare and instead put it toward helping new parents when they need it most: during the emotional and physical recovery of the first six weeks after giving birth?"

    It won't be your typical party, of course. "Guests" take turns helping, whether it's organizing a food schedule, so you don't have to worry about feeding yourself or having a friend or relative with you while you go to the bathroom, shower, or nap (Bust labels it as "mothersitting").

    Now doesn't this party sound like a version we all need in our lives?

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    Go on a solo trip


    Over the holidays, Kylie Padilla went on a solo vacation to the picturesque province of Batanes, letting husband Aljur Abrenica care for their son Alas Joaquin. Kylie documented her trip on Instagram, posting photos of herself enjoying different sights and activities in Batanes. In one particular post, Kylie reflected on what her trip taught her, writing, “After hearing the stories of the past, I’ve come to [realize] that something must be willing to change to grow. Batanes has become even more beautiful because of all the other influences that have impacted it. But it is the heart of [its] people and [its] resilience, their values and their beliefs and conviction that makes it the beautiful place that it is.”

    We all need to recharge our batteries, so to speak, and take a much-needed break from the craziness of everyday life. And if you feel guilty spending so much time away, just think: you gave your kids and their dad an opportunity to spend time and make long-lasting memories.

    Carve five minutes of alone time every day

    If a solo trip isn't possible, then carve at least five minutes of self-care where you can take a deep breath without any distraction. Write (or doodle) on a journal, relish that drink of cold water in the refrigerator, or just stare into space. Add all those five minutes every day, and it will do wonders for the whole family. 

    Every now and then, set aside a night for you to do whatever you want — go out for dinner, watch a movie at home or in the cinema, or spend some time with your friends. You may even want to go on morning dates by yourself or with your partner. The point is to allow yourself a bit of time to take a breather from your everyday life, so you don’t always feel so frazzled.

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    Book a cleaning service

    Another great way to prioritize self-care this 2019 is by getting help in doing household chores, specifically when it comes to cleaning the house. Keeping the home spotless is a lot of hard work, but you don’t have to take on the burden alone. There are many different cleaning services you can contact to help you restore orderliness inside your space. Do this perhaps  or depending on how often you need a thorough cleaning of your home. You won’t be sorry!

    Here is a list of some reliable cleaning services you can contact.

    Have balloon-less parties!

    You save money, and you've given the environment a helping hand each time you celebrate your family’s milestones. According to the Environmental Nature Center, regardless of whether balloons are released to the sky or disposed of later, they pose a lot of harm to the environment since they eventually return to the land or to the ocean and take many years to disintegrate. They can then be mistaken for food and consumed by animals, causing them to die.

    Instead of balloons, try using recyclable decorations, like wooden signs, cardboard cut-out letters, and paper banners. You can even go for more outdoorsy and creative decorations like fresh flowers and plants.

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    Put down your phone

    Do you follow any “insta-moms” online? This year, you might want to reduce the time you spend stalking their accounts every day. A study conducted by the Priory Group last year found that many parents, especially new moms, tend to feel anxious and depressed whenever they see idealized parenting posts on social media. Dr Lucinda Green, the perinatal psychologist of Priory Group, said that the findings of the study “highlight the potentially compounding impacts that social media can have on the emotional health and well-being of expectant and new parents.”


    Because people often turn their social media accounts into mere “highlight reels” of their lives, we only see the good parts of being a parent, therefore making their lives appear perfect and making us feel inadequate when our experiences don’t turn out the way theirs do.

    While there’s nothing wrong with gleaning inspiration from these “insta-moms,” it’s also vital to keep in mind that what we see online doesn’t necessarily account for all the different aspects of what the life of a parent is really like. So if you start to feel insecure because of the seemingly perfect parents you see online, it's time to take some digital detox for your mental health. Better yet, lessen the time you spend on the Internet.

    Hug your kids more

    Want to deepen the bond you have with your kids this 2019? Or just drive a lot of negativity away? Make it a habit of hugging your kids every chance you get! According to an article on the Stanford Children's Health website, showering your children in affection as often as you can has more benefits than you may think— not only does this strengthen your relationship with them, but it can also impact your kids’ health positively. So never scrimp on affection!

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