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  • Paula Peralejo's Parent Lessons During Election Season: 'May I Never Raise An Indifferent Child'

    'I hope when my son is of voting age, we can discuss and make informed decisions together'
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio .
Paula Peralejo's Parent Lessons During Election Season: 'May I Never Raise An Indifferent Child'
  • As the 2022 election date draws near, the number of election opinions on our social media feed increases. Paula Peralejo, mom of one, wife, and child advocate shared her unfiltered thoughts over her personal Facebook page.

    Paula shares three points, which Smart Parenting requested for permission to share. While Paula proudly campaigns for candidates she has already chosen, she also gives time on her social media to share her thoughts on how voters can make their own informed decision.

    As a mother, Paula shares sentiments that don’t stray far away from her online activity. “May I never raise a child who’s so indifferent to his home country and its citizens,” she writes.

    When he is of voting age, we can discuss together

    As Filipinos, Paula observes that we’d rather keep quiet to avoid conflict in the family. “The worst people I’ve seen this election season are not the supporters—even of other candidates. It’s those who are ‘neutral’ but keep complaining about election posts because it’s such an inconvenience to their feed or laughing at those who are passionate.

    She adds, “I hope one day when my son is of voting age, we can discuss and make informed decisions together—with the country as a whole and not just our own gains and selfish interests in mind.”

    Be open-minded, apply logic

    “Philosophical discourse should always be practiced at home. Applying logic, practicing the Socratic way of questioning, being open-minded as you gather more information, looking at different sides, etc,” Paula says.


    Critical thinking is important everywhere; but sadly even when participating in an event like elections where one will be affected by another’s choice, instead of examining why we cannot defend our choice, many of us would rather end it in ‘respect my opinion.’”

    If your homes or circles of friends vary in candidates and opinions, remember that listening is required if you want to share your thoughts.

    Dr. Gail Galang, psychology professor and Smart Parenting contributor, says compromise is important. “Knowing that no candidate is perfect, you may want to try to be reasonable by not asking your spouse [or family member] to fully agree with your views, but make sure to get some of your views count as well.”

    Use privilege to serve others

    “If you are privileged like us, yes, we are the ones whose lives will be ‘ok’ no matter who sits, may we use this for those whose lives are at stake depending on who leads,” Paula writes.

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    She adds that her Facebook contacts include relatives of presidential candidates she is not voting for. “It doesn’t matter if I never get ‘close’ to the president or whoever politician is out there,” Paula says.

    “It matters that I vote with my conscience and that I vote with my country’s brighter future in mind.”

    Paula ends her Facebook post by reminding her contacts to research. “It’s okay to change your mind as you learn more about someone. Research well, my friends. God bless the Philippines.”

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