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  • How Sitti Navarro Potty Trained 19-Month-Old Lilibubs In Just A Month!

    Potty training tips that worked for others might work on your child, too!
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Potty training a toddler can be as quick as three days or drag on as long as a year. It helps if you start when your tot shows signs of readiness, but some parents start when their kids are still babies or before age 1.

    It’s different for every parent and child, but anything that worked for others is worth trying. Sitty Navarro-Ramirez recently shared that her daughter Issiah Dañelle, a.k.a. Lilibubs, is now fully-potty trained at just 19 months.

    “Our little chikalingling is now fully potty-trained at 19 months,” the singer mom wrote on Instagram. She admitted Lilibubs still has some wetting accidents. But it’s a win that she’s not wearing nappies anymore, even when she goes to sleep at night.

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    Philippine’s Bossanova Queen only took a month to potty-train Lilibubs. They went through probably a week of crying bouts while pooping in the potty, and around three weeks cleaning up pee because the little girl would just pee everywhere.


    “I was surprised that she adjusted more easily to the pooping compared to the peeing, pero tiyagaan lang talaga,” Sitti stressed. “I’m really happy we’re off the disposable diapers now,” she exclaimed.

    At 19 months old, Lilibubs doesn’t wet the bed anymore when she’s wearing her cloth underwear when sleeping at night. Sitti just always gets her to the potty before she goes to sleep and upon waking up. Hooray!

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    Sitti’s tips on how to potty training your toddler

    During a pandemic, it’s a significant achievement to strike-off diapers on your grocery list. Think about the money you can save! To help other parents, Sitti shared what worked for them. Here are her tips.

    1. Decide when to stop using the diaper and stick with it.

    At 18 months, Sitti wouldn’t let her daughter wear diapers during the day anymore and instead have her wear cloth underwear. “Even if she peed everywhere. Tyagaan lang talaga magpunas at magpalit,” Sitti shared. Lilibubs would say, “Wiwi,” but only after she’d done the deed.

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    2. Be a consistent role model.

    Sitti and her helpers bring Lilibubs to the bathroom whenever they’d use the potty. “We would demo and talk about everything from taking off our clothes, doing the deed, flushing, washing our hands with soap and water after, etc.” she shared.


    3. Talk to your child firmly but gently.

    Sitti also took out the waterproof sheets on their bed. “When there was a shortage in her preferred diaper brand and size, we talked to her about it... telling her that, from then on, she won’t be wearing disposable diapers anymore,” Sitti shared. Lilibubs stopped peeing on the bed when she started wearing cloth underwear.


    4. Show your little one other kids who are using the potty, too, through books or videos.

    Stories are a great tool in teaching kids about anything. Sitti had her daughter and look at books (and sometimes videos) about using the potty for just one to two minutes. “Just to get the message across that other toddlers do it, too, and they sit on the toilet/potty happily,” Sitti shared. Lilibubs was indeed more open to using the potty after seeing that other kids do it, too.

    Read more about tips on potty training here.

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