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  • What I Learned Today: 21 Parents Share Wise, Funny, and Heartbreaking Answers

    “I learned today na kaya pala dumaan si mother-in-law kasi gusto matingnan at ma-try yung bagong aircon ko.”
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
What I Learned Today: 21 Parents Share Wise, Funny, and Heartbreaking Answers
  • On Smart Parenting’s Parent Chat forum, we found a gem of a thread called “What I learned today” where parents generously share their thoughts, learnings, and, yes, hugots in when it comes to parenthood. Here are 21 of them. 

    There's nothing wrong with being a "good enough" parent.

    Natutunan ko ngayon...na mabuti pala akong ina. Nag-mall kami para mamili ng mittens ni baby para sa binyag and para makapag-pagupit ako upang magmukhang tao. May iilang bagay na nagpa-realize sa akin na oo, mabuti kaming magulang ng fiancé ko.

    Una, magmo-mall na nga lang kami, puro baby section pa tinitignan, mula department store hanggang solong tindahan. Pangalawa, nasa labas na kami at libreng gumawa ng kahit ano pero nagmadali pa rin makauwi para makita anak namin. Proud ako.” — SP Parent Chatter mixx

    “I learned today that it's not easy for a working mom to not have a yaya. But guess what, after two weeks of lack of sleep and no rest at all, buhay pa rin ako!” — SP Parent Chatter yhamslove

    I learned today that I have been spanking my toddler way too often.” — SP Parent Chatter chococream 

    Today I learned I should really put in mind that patience is a virtue. We really need to breathe and count 1 to 10, before we explode and get angry.” — SP Parent Chatter liams mom 

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    Love and marriage require hard work. 

    I learned that hubby gives importance to my decisions. Kung ano daw ang gusto ko sa bahay, 'yon dapat ang masusunod, hindi ang magulang niya. I love it.” — SP Parent Chatter mommy ni lijah

    Lesson learned today: Communication is the key to a good marriage. Effective communication means verbalizing needs and listening carefully. It can't be stated often enough. If you don't have a healthy way of expressing your thoughts and emotions to each other, of speaking and being heard, then everything else will ultimately crumble. 

    You have to try to understand what your partner is saying on a simple level as well as try to analyze the underlying message or desire. It is important to hear what your spouse is really saying, but it is also important for the other side to give clues. Tell your partner what you want. Don't rely on intuition. Listen to your partner.” — SP Parent Chatter momVeh

    I learned na mas mabait talaga husband ko. Hehe! Nagma-maldita na naman ako eh.” — SP Parent Chatter dhangcabuang

    Kapag mainit ang ulo ni hubby, 'wag patulan. Mas malala ang kakalabasan.” — SP Parent Chatter Mommy France

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    Self-care is the best gift I can give myself.

    Bago magalit, mag-isip muna para hindi makapagsalita ng masakit sa kapwa.” — SP Parent Chatter insensitive 

    My husband and I learned how important a vacation is. No matter how hard the work is, no matter how unfair life becomes, looking forward to that much-deserved break and knowing that each day will bring you closer to that vacation, life gets easier. So, plot na ako ng vacation palagi. Once every quarter. Kahit mura lang! It helps.” — SP Parent Chatter Mommy France

    I learned that the path to healing and moving on, begins with one's realization that she could not do anymore, that she has exhausted everything. I believe that moving on will start when we completely surrender our past and all the 'what I wish could be.' It will be hard, but honesty and self-discovery is the key.” — SP Parent Chatter sweet&spice 

    I learned that the art of letting go is bound with love, respect, and trust. It is painful and unforgettable, but somehow it is the real happiness in life.” — SP Parent Chatter mommtMidya 

    Today I learned na huwag magpa-apak sa kapwa, lalo na kung alam mong nasa tama ka. In short, 'wag pasisindak!” — SP Parent Chatter Mommy Ineng

    Today I learned that I can't go ranting all the time. Napapagod din ang mga nakakarinig sa 'kin. Mahirap maging positive pero at least ngayon nawa-warning-an ko na sarili ko.” — SP Parent Chatter Mommy France

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    There's a lot to be grateful for in this life. 

    ‘Pag sinabing 2 inches apart ang dough sa tray, sundin. Ayan, dikit dikit tuloy yung na-bake kong krinkles.” — SP Parent Chatter liams mom 

    I learned today na kaya pala dumaan si mother-in-law kasi gusto matingnan at ma-try yung bagong aircon ko. Malas nga lang niya, 'di pa tapos ang pagkakabit.” — SP Parent Chatter chimendoza09

    What I learned today: Sure, there may be things in life that we simply can't control. But hey, there are a lot more that we actually can! So don't waste your time mulling over what to do with the former, when you can easily take action by working on the latter.” — SP Parent Chatter KVsmommy 

    “I realized that life is indeed very short, so we ought to cherish everyhing God has given us. A colleague has died from a motorcycle accident. Although I do not know her personally, I feel sad because she left her husband and her child behind. I simply want to hug my family when I get home tonight. Hugs to all the mommies out there too. Hug everyone you cherish the most.” — SP Parent Chatter chizbunmom 

    Kapag may taong nagyayabang, pabayaan mo lang. Hayaan mo siyang maubusan ng hangin sa katawan!” — SP Parent Chatter yhamslove

    Today I learned that no matter how careful you are, something can go wrong. And that's what will make me stronger and wiser. I can never be wise if I never handle challenges.” — SP Parent Chatter keih liwanag

    Today I learned that not all prayers are granted. Most are gratified and answered when harmonized with thoughts and actions. Kaya bukas gigising na talaga ako ng maaga para hindi ako magmakaawa na sana makaabot ng 8 a.m. sa work kung makakasakay pa lang ako ng 7 a.m.”  — SP Parent Chatter yhamslove

    Have your own “What I learned today” to add? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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