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Out Of Play Ideas? Here Are Fun And Affordable Activities For Your 12-Month-Old At Home

Spend quality time with your toddler with these fun activities!

At twelve months, your child is no longer a baby–he or she has officially entered the stage of toddlerhood. Kids at this age typically take substantial developmental leaps during this time, and there are so many opportunities to keep them entertained and engaged. 

Here are some activities you and your 12-month-old can do at home! 

Activities to do at home for 12-month-olds

1. Get the ball rolling

This super simple exercise is great for developing your child’s motor skills and coordination! Sit on the floor with your legs in a V shape and let your toddler sit facing you, doing the same. Then roll a big rubber ball and have them grab it and roll it back to you. It’s also a great way to have your one-year-old bond with their siblings, too.

2. Sensory bin

Our kids first learn to make sense of the world through their five senses. Creating a sensory bin is one of the ways that your toddler can explore new objects in a new and creative way. It also allows them to discover new types of textures or sensations. Moreover, sensory play helps further their cognitive development and enhance their motor skills.

To create a sensory bin, fill a large container with bigas, and add toys or other child-safe objects. Then, give your child scoopers or other similar tools, and watch them scoop, dig, or pour!

3. Busy board

Your toddler is at a stage where he or she enjoys fiddling with things. Despite having a room full of toys, you may notice them wanting to reach for doorknobs, keys, or drawer handles. Now, you can keep their hands busy (literally) with a busy board. Here’s a sample:

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4. Sorting toys by color

Color matching builds your child’s visual perception and thinking skills while learning to categorize and classify items helps with memory. You don’t need color-sorting toys to get started–you can start by grouping all your kid’s together per color. It’s a fun and engaging way to teach your child different colors!

5. Stack ‘em up!

Stacking toys on top of each other teaches toddlers concepts of “big” and “small,” develops dexterity, and helps them learn about basic building concepts. Other than using pre-made stacking cup toys, you can gather differently-sized cups and containers around the house.

6. Finger painting

Watch your little one get creative with this colorful exercise! To minimize clean-up time, squeeze out some paint on a piece of paper, carefully place it inside an old Ziploc bag, and tape the bag on the floor. Watch them smush the paint through the plastic, and discover the different ways they can spread the paint around, without making a mess!

7. Counting fingers and toes

Toddlers love to count, so this play idea is a great way to teach them counting while learning about their bodies. Touch each digit once as you count out loud. 

For more variety, you can also count the stairs as you go up and down or how many toys they have in front of them. This learning activity for one-year-olds develops basic number skills,

8. Jumbo puzzles 

Hit two birds with one stone with this fun indoor activity you can do at home! On a large sheet of paper, draw a picture in thick, black lines and have your child color it in. Then, cut the paper in two to make a puzzle your little one can solve.

9. Make some music

Music is definitely something that anyone at any age can enjoy–especially your kids! Whether it gets them dancing or helps them relax and fall asleep, playing music can be very beneficial for them in so many ways. 

Make some music at home with their rattles, or you can utilize percussion instruments such as kiddie drum kits–or even your pots and pans! Musical play also enhances their coordination skills, as well as musical exploration.

10. Create sound sensory jars

Speaking of sounds, take the music play a step further with sound sensory jars. Fill small containers with uncooked rice, coins, or popcorn kernels. Let your child shake these containers and hear how each one makes a different sound. When they get older, you can fill up the jars in pairs and challenge your little one to find its match!

11. Have your toddler fetch objects

Sending your child on different “errands,” such as picking up their shoes, bringing you a ball, or finding their cup teaches them how to follow directions. This practical activity also provides them with a sense of independence and accomplishment. 

12. Crawling through a cardboard box “tunnel”

Save those huge boxes from your appliance deliveries! Have your little one crawl through a big box to work their little muscles. It’s also a nifty way to exercise their cognitive abilities while helping you make something out of those cardboard boxes.

Discover fun indoor activities for your 12-month-old

Spending some quality time with your little one doesn’t have to be complicated! These play ideas for one-year-olds at home don’t just keep your child occupied; they’re also meant to help them develop important skills that will aid in their growth and development.  

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