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  • The Proven Benefits of Putting Your Child in Daycare

    Daycare develops your child's socio-emotional skills and value formation
    by Kate Borbon .
The Proven Benefits of Putting Your Child in Daycare
  • As much as you may want to care for and be with your child every single day, there are factors that prevent you from doing so, either because of work or you don't have a caregiver whom you can entrust your child. The option is a daycare center, which can be good for your child.

    Daycare develops your child's socio-emotional skills and value formation

    Being exposed to the environment of a daycare or childcare center presents a lot of benefits for the physical, emotional, and social development of your growing child. A study has even suggested that enrolling your child in daycare may have an impact on her academic performance when she starts going to school.

    Your child is put in groups with other kids to do activities such as projects and games together. It offers your child the opportunity to form meaningful friendships with her peers that can last until they grow up.

    These relationships allow your child to develop attributes such as self-confidence and altruism and even let her begin to understand her identity. Studies have also shown that early childhood friendships can help lead to better adult health.

    Basic manners such as sharing and taking turns are good examples of things she can learn in social settings. It may even do your child good to be given the time to figure out how to navigate new friendships and possibly even little disagreements with her peers. Finally, daycare is also a great place for your child to learn how to respect and listen to adults other than her parents.


    Daycare and childcare centers provide children with a wide variety of fun activities targeted towards developing different skills. One good thing about enrolling your child in institutions like these is that she is then given the chance to participate in activities that she may not be able to do at home or anywhere else.

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    Daycare teachers your son or daughter the value of independence. Why is this important? First, if she is allowed to be independent, she is also allowed the chance to experience gaining information firsthand without mom or dad rescuing her. Toddlers love to explore and try out new things, and they can benefit immensely if parents let them.

    By letting your child learn by herself, you are helping boost her self-esteem. Just like adults, when a child figures out how to accomplish something on her own, her confidence increases, and she becomes all the more motivated to learn more.

    How do you know if you should enroll your child in daycare?

    Aha! Parenting writes that groups are generally difficult for young children, but even more so for some kids who may get stressed by high-stimulus environments, which can be a daycare center. It is therefore possible that your child won’t thrive in such a setting. You can help him by taking him there to see what it's like and to meet the people minding the daycare.

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    Kids who are comfortable in groups may find it easier to go to daycare, while it might be better for other kids to be put in social settings at a later age.

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    In daycare centers, children are provided lots of different activities and encouraged to participate. However, some kids may not be as keen to join in on the fun, maybe because they feel shy or uncomfortable. If you think this may be the case with your child, it might be a good idea to inform the daycare teachers so they know how to help your child best.

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