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  • 20 Ways These Parents Keep Their Toddlers Entertained During Long Trips

    Many of them suggest simply playing interactive games with your little ones!
    by Kate Borbon .
20 Ways These Parents Keep Their Toddlers Entertained During Long Trips

    Long trips by car or plane can be a challenge for parents of young children. It can already get stressful to keep little ones calm and entertained for 15 minutes so more than an hour can put parents in anxiety mode. Here, we share how parents on Smart Parenting Village (SPV) make long road trips or flights peaceful and enjoyable for their kids. (Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.)


    Learning activities and toys

    “I bring his drawing book para he can draw whatever he likes to draw na makikita niya along the way.” —Jency Febbles Acha

    “We had a six-hour road trip two months ago, and we brought popsicle sticks with magnetic tape on a cookie tray for pattern matching, some color sorting activities, small car toys, clay, Lego pieces, and lots of snacks.” — Pauline Bautista-Andres

    “The best toys are those they don’t have at home, disposable cups, tags, stickers, bubble wrap, etc. Yan talaga yung nagpapa-entertain sa kanila for hours. I don’t know why pero I tried these with my baby and naging super busy talaga siya.” — Camille Anne Edrosolo-del Rosario


    “I bring my little boy’s Boogie board. It’s like a magic slate pero without the noisy thing pag nag-eerase. Also, before we leave, I give him a bag where he could put the toys he wants to bring. Maze books, coloring books, or any activity books work for him too.” — Jan Christine Perez Narisma

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    “My eldest son always brings his Playdoh and Slime when we travel either by car or by plane. This keeps his mind busy and imaginative.” — Gregorio Garcia Dream Agasie

    “Memorizing days of the week and birthdays of each member of the family.” — Sarah Sabaten

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    Cuddly toys and loveys

    “I bring her favorite books and her dinosaur stuffed toy. Plus we sing children songs inside the car. It works all the time.” — Penelope I. Baria

    “When we went to Hong Kong, we brought along with us my daughter’s favorite [stuffed] toy. She hugged it all through the travel period, and it helped her fall asleep. Thus, it saved her from experiencing ear cramps while landing.” — Arianne Ambulario


    “Whenever we travel via car what is most important is his blankie (it’s a must, and we never forget that or else we will have a very cranky baby). It’s a different story when on a plane. He wants to tap everything and anything, and so his toys are not so important during a plane ride (but we still bring toys and books and blankie just in case).” — Hersh Reyes-Rivera


    “We sing his favorite songs. Favorite niya yung spot the bird (airplane). Kapag sinabi namin yun non-stop daldal and turo siya outside the car hanggang sa makatulog na.” — Kelly Summers

    “We sing nursery rhymes along the trip [and] sumasali din ang ate and daddy. Favorite niya yung sa Cocomelon na ‘Are We There Yet’ na song,” — Pam Escultos

    “We often have some road trips when we are staying in Europe, and our girls love singing different nursery rhymes and [are] fond of watching what’s on the road. The nursery [rhyme] ‘Are We There Yet’ has always been a [favorite].” — Agnes Carandang Robles-Zimmermann


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    Chatting and playing

    “When my 4-year-old son and I travel by car or a bus, I don’t bring too many toys. One toy is enough or one book. Because during the trip, we [talk], make stories about the things we see on the road, he gets confused, so he asks questions about those things until he falls asleep. We also take selfies.” — Ting Soriano

    “Simon Says, The Most Quiet Kid Game (winner gets a prize after the trip, and you really need to give a prize so they will really be quiet on your future trips), guessing games, sometimes Pokemon Go, or Minecraft.” — Loriz Gajo

    “My kids love listening to podcasts and discussing them afterward. I got a monthly Spotify subscription, so they could listen to science/history/stories shows.” — Armi Anastacio Baticados

    Observing the surroundings

    “We just talk to them and keep [showing] them the things that we see and explain to them what they are for like the trucks and the signs and the buildings…it helps them become more curious about the things that they see.” — Dennirese R. Javier


    “On car rides, we don’t bring toys with us. We just observe our surroundings pointing at the birds, buildings, trucks, wheels, etc. When he’s already tired, I let him watch educational songs on the car, and after a minute he’s already knocked out!” — Jasmine Gebala

    “My little boy has construction vehicles like backhoes and trucks. So very fond siya makakita ng backhoes, trucks and even bus on the road. So we usually look for bus, truck, and backhoes during our road trips. Padamihan yung kids ng makikita nilang vehicles. I don’t usually bring toys to keep them preoccupied. I love [for] them to look outside, observe the surrounding, enjoy the view, and tell me what they see.” — M Grace Delima

    “I teach her to enjoy the view: ‘Look there’s a red truck, birds, tall building, nice house,’ etc. so that she also learns to enjoy the ride.” — Christine Gomez


    “One our first plane trip, I prepared a lot of books, toys, crayons, writing materials. In the end, we didn’t use them. He was interested in all the new stuff that he saw on the plane. He kept playing with his seat belt, asking about the things that he sees and observes. I even showed him the travel magazines which featured a lot of different places.” — Lala Juanta-Tanael

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