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  • Sharpen Your Child's Senses and Build Her Vocabulary With This Vegetable Activity!

    This activity can even make your picky eater want to try vegetables!
    by Kate Borbon .
Sharpen Your Child's Senses and Build Her Vocabulary With This Vegetable Activity!
  • Toddlers naturally love to explore everything they see around them. They love to stare and touch things, especially ones that come in unique shapes and colors. It also makes them want to taste everything. That is why it is fun to introduce them to vegetables because kids will find the different colors, textures, and sizes attractive. It will also lessen your worry about what your child put in his mouth.

    If you are looking to give your tot an outlet for her curiosity about vegetables, you might want to try this simple but fun open-ended activity suggested by Pre-K Pages, an online resource website for preschool teachers.

    First, prepare the supplies you will need: Various fresh vegetables (the number depends on you), tools such as a magnifying glass and tweezers, a cutting board and knife, and a bowl, paper bag, or trash can.

    The next step is arrange the vegetables on the table, then place the magnifying glass and tweezers nearby. Make sure to also keep the cutting board and knife within easy access (but away from the kids) so that you can chop up the vegetables later on. For quick cleaning, place your trash can, paper bag, or bowl close by.

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    After you’re done setting up your table, have your tot come to you and start exploring the vegetables there using her five senses — sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. While she is exploring them, ask her different questions like, “What does this vegetable feel like? How does it smell? What color is it?” Encourage her to use descriptive words such as big, small, smooth, and rough. You can also use this opportunity to teach her about colors.

    Later, you can also try cutting up some of the vegetables you have prepared and let your child explore how these veggies look on the inside.

    Aside from vegetables, you can also try adding some fruits. After your child explores the produce, have her try to sort them into two groups: fruits and vegetables. Once she has classified everything, encourage her to count how many are in each group.

    This vegetable exploration activity is not just a fun way to introduce your child to vegetables, hone her five senses, and build up her vocabulary even more. Pre-K Pages also says that this can lead her to want to try tasting those vegetables she learns about later on — good news for all parents who struggle with getting their kids to eat healthily!

    Planning on trying out this fun exploration activity at home? Share how your experience goes with us!

    Need ideas for educational activities your tot can do in your own home? Click here to learn about some you can try out.

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