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5 Tips to Deal With Your Toddler's Uncontrollable Tantrums at Home
  • Tantrums are an inevitable part of raising children, especially because they are still learning how to handle big emotions. While you can’t control when — or where — your child throws a tantrum, what you can control is how you deal with it.

    When your child throws a tantrum at home, you can generally take as much time as you need to let her deal with how she is feeling and help her understand her big emotions. Here are five tips to consider when dealing with tantrums at home.

    Be present

    When your child is throwing a tantrum, take the time to just sit quietly with her instead of talking to or reasoning with her, which can just get her more frustrated. Doing this will show her that you respect her emotions and that it’s okay to have big feelings.

    Let her calm down

    The more you try to calm your child down, the more agitated she might get, so it might be better to step back and give her space to wind down. Parents says that this gives the child a chance to vent her emotions in a non-destructive way.

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    Give her a hug

    Experts say that hugging your tot can help her calm down when she is upset or frustrated. It’s also a way you can show her that even if she’s crying and screaming uncontrollably, you love her and are there for her no matter what.

    Offer her a snack or time to rest

    Clinical psychologist and author Ray Levy tells Parents that hungriness and tiredness are two of the most common triggers for tantrums. Next time your tot throws a fit out of nowhere, try letting her pick a snack or an activity she can do to relax.


    Acknowledge her feelings

    Make sure to inform your child that you understand how she is feeling. Simply saying, “I understand that you felt upset when I asked you to clean up your toys” can make her feel better right away.

    Don't forget to be mindful of how you respond to your child's outbursts because certain actions can make those tantrums worse. Click here to learn about those mistakes parents should avoid making.

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