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Tantrums in Public Can Be Hard to Handle. Try These 5 Tips to Calm Your Toddler Down
  • Tantrums, in general, are tricky to deal with, but they can be significantly harder to handle when they happen in public where strangers are watching (and probably judging) both you and your child. Combined with the frustration of not knowing how to calm down an agitated child, the pressure can be enough for any parent to lose their mind.

    Below, take a look at 5 tips to help you stay calm and collected while handling your child’s tantrums in public.

    Assess the situation

    Don’t let your frustration get the better of you. Motherly suggests assessing your child’s tantrum and creating a game plan before doing anything. “Taking a deep breath and figuring out your next step will lessen your stress and hopefully calm your little one in the process.”

    Take her somewhere private

    Calmly take your child to a quiet place where you can talk alone if you believe her tantrum has gotten to a point where she can no longer control herself. This can also serve as a simple form of distraction for her to calm down.

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    Provide distractions if needed

    If taking your little one somewhere else doesn’t work out, you can try distracting her with a toy, playing a game, or directing her attention to your surroundings. Kids’ attention spans are quite short, so if you give her something different to focus on, she’ll get distracted enough to forget why she was throwing a fit in the first place.

    Don’t give in


    Your child might be throwing a tantrum because she wants you to do something for her. Tempting as it may be, if you know that she is making a scene over something she shouldn’t have, don’t give in. Not only can this lead to her being a spoiled child, but it can also make her think that if she wants something, all she needs to do to get it is throw a tantrum.

    Stay calm

    Keeping yourself calm is key to dealing with tantrums, whether outdoors or at home. A Fine Parent says that talking to your child slowly and calmly can prevent your child’s tantrum from worsening and also show her that you care about how she’s feeling.

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