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This Learning Activity Can Teach Your Toddler Different Skills And Keep Her Entertained!
  • Shape sorting toys are some of the most popular toys for toddlers, but even if you don’t have that at home, with the help of very simple learning activities you can prepare in no time, your child can still reap the benefits of playing with shape sorters!

    To prepare the Size Sorting Box Activity, you only need three materials, all of which you likely already have at home: a container with a lid (Susie Allison of the blog Busy Toddler used an old oatmeal container), a razor blade, and sorting supplies like markers, crayons, and toothpicks (you can use other similar items as well).

    First, take the lid of the container and measure the sorting supplies you have on the lid. Next, use the razor blade to cut out holes on the lid that would fit the sorting supplies.

    Once you’re finished, sit your child down and tell her what she needs to do: Simply figure out which items fit in which holes and insert each one into the container!

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    Eventually, you can also change the game up by using a larger container and having your child insert larger items into the container, like toys and building blocks.

    Susie wrote that she loved this activity not just because it was so easy and quick to prepare but also because her toddler completely enjoyed playing it.

    “He’s 2.5 [years old] and loves sensory activities,” she said in her blog post. “This was the longest he’s ever played with a NON-sensory activity in his life. No jokes. He giggled and laughed and has loved this ‘toy’ for two weeks now.”

    She wrote in an Instagram post that her preschool-aged daughter also enjoyed playing with the size sorting box activity she had prepared.

    Any parent will know that because kids have short attention spans, it can be difficult to look for activities that will keep them occupied long enough to let Mom or Dad finish other important tasks around the home. If this is a dilemma you regularly go through, the size sorting box activity might help you!

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    Another reason why parents will love this activity? It can teach children many different lessons and encouraged him to practice various skills.

    First is the ability to sort objects and distinguish different sizes from one another. According to Ira Parenting, sorting is an early childhood mathematical skill that is usually ignored but is very important as it helps a child learn how to “bring order to chaos” and classify objects according to categories.

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    The Kindergarten Connection also says that a child needs to hone her sorting skills in her early years because these will help her understand patterns, relations, and functions, compare sets of objects for their similarities and differences, and be more familiar with the nature of math.

    In other words, if you want to prepare your child for math when she starts going to school, learning activities that improve her sorting skills are something you might want to try at home!

    The size sorting box activity can also help develop your child’s fine motor skills. By playing with small items, your child gets to build strength and dexterity in her hands and fingers, which are needed to do other activities like writing, drawing, and even everyday tasks like eating (holding utensils and cups by himself) and buttoning her clothes.

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    A third skill the activity hones is hand-eye coordination or the ability of a child’s vision system to coordinate the information it receives through the eyes to guide and control the hands to execute certain actions, like writing or catching a ball.

    Research has proven that children who perform better at tasks involving hand-eye coordination tend to perform better academically in subjects like reading, writing, and math.

    Finally, the size sorting box activity can aid in fostering your little one’s visual discrimination skills. Visual discrimination refers to the ability to recognize details in visual images and allows a child to distinguish similarities and differences of shapes, colors, positions of objects, and even people.


    Indeed, learning activities are a simple and fun way to keep your child’s brain and body active even before she starts going to school without buying expensive toys or materials. Would you ever try this activity at home? Tell us about your experience!

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