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  • Toddler Milestone Markers: 24th Month

    Wondering what changes physically, mentally and emotionally your 24-month-old child is going through? Read on to learn all about it.

    by Lili Narvaez and Marjorie Anne Duterte . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Physical Development

    • Can run, avoid obstacles that block her path, walk on tiptoes, sit and stand quickly, walk backward and sideways, and climb onto and off furniture.
    • May be able to shoot a ball into a container with a big opening such as the laundry basket.
    • May be physically ready to start potty training, as she realizes the feeling of a full bladder.
    • Can turn a single page in a book.
    • Can screw and unscrew lids from jars or bottles.
    • May already exhibit right- or left-handedness.
    • Able to brush teeth (with some help).


    Cognitive and Mental Development

    • Has a spoken vocabulary of about 50 words, and may be adding one or more words every day.
    • Engages in conversation by asking and answering simple questions.
    • Talks about specifics, that is, she can ask for mango juice instead of just juice.
    • Notes the absence of things, as in "no more milk" or "all gone milk." Also understands the concept of "more" and so asks for "more cookie."
    • Understands the concept of space and uses words like "up" and "out".
    • May be able to count to five or ten.
    • Knows the basic colors.


    Emotional and Behavioral Development

    • Still thumb-sucking for comfort.
    • Still "me-centered" but occasionally exhibits empathy as she becomes aware of others' thoughts and feelings.
    • Continues to fight with other kids for toys but if encouraged to take turns, may comply sometimes.
    • Temper tantrums will continue, and at times these may be stronger than before as she becomes stronger and as there are more situations and people she faces at this age.
    • Becomes attuned to gender differences.
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