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  • To Enroll or Not? Moms Weigh In On Their Options For Their Toddlers, Preschoolers

    Young children may not strictly follow physical distancing if in-person classes are allowed.
    by Rachel Perez . Published Jun 11, 2020
To Enroll or Not? Moms Weigh In On Their Options For Their Toddlers, Preschoolers
  • It can be a challenge for toddlers to practice physical distancing, or wear a mask and leave it on without fidgeting with it every once in a while. It's why many playschools and preschools are offering distance or blended learning this coming school year 2020-2021 (face-to-face classes are still prohibited).

    If you're still on the fence about what to do, you have the remaining days in June to decide whether to skip or enroll your child. A mom from our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group asked other parents about it, which can help you decide. Here's what moms had planned for this school year:

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    Skipping the school year but play learning at home

    "We were advised by our developmental pediatrician to enroll our child at age 4. I don't think toddlers can sit still in front of a gadget for two hours. Feeling namin sayang ang pera. We teach her at home na lang. Alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. We have sit-down play-learning activities as well." Mommy Jane Carla, mom to 3-year-old

    "My daughter badly wants to go to school. Pero dahil sa pandemic, my husband and I decided na ako na lang muna ang magturo sa kanya. Medyo pricey ang online classes. Hindi rin pwede sa anak ko since gusto niya ng interaction talaga. Nage-enjoy siya ngayon sa play-based na pag-aaral namin so okay na rin siguro." Mommy Jean, whose daughter is turning 3 in August

    "Mag-start pa lang sana siya this school year but mag-skip na lang kami. I will just use materials from DepEd Commons para ma-guide siya. Naghihinayang ako sa taon kaso naisip ko magbabayad ako for online classes tapos ako din magtuturo." Mommy Rosie, mom to 4-year-old daughter

    "We will skip. My teacher friend said that preschools mainly prepare the child for formal schooling, so it will be hard to establish that kung online classes lang. Kaya naman daw ituro sa bahay," Mommy Jem

    Enrolled with a homeschool provider or doing "indie" homeschooling


    "Homeschooling with a provider kami. Glad we found one that understands online classes are not the best for kids of a young age since limited lang ang screen time pa rin dapat. They learn more pa rin through physical activities like play and remember lessons more if enjoyable ang moments with the family." Mommy Abby

    "We are doing indie homeschooling. I have a home-based tutor for him and they will start once school starts too or depends on when I want them to begin. I still let my son attend free online classes." Mommy Kenzie

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    Opted to enroll in a public school

    "I choose to enroll my son in public school. Kinder na siya at since home school naman with free modules, ako na lang magtuturo. Mas okay na 'yon." Mommy Romylyn, mom to 4-year-old son

    "Not skipping this year but instead, we enrolled her in a public school near our place. DepEd offers a blended learning module. Her previous school offers solely online learning, so ako pa rin ang magtuturo sa kanya. No tuition fee and free printed modules pa in public school. It's a win-win for us because we got to save the money and at the same time we have a lesson to follow." Mommy Camille, whose child is an incoming Kinder student

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    Enrolled in a school that offers online learning

    "I enrolled my son sa pre-kinder na more on books and modules. Since work from home din po ako, tinuloy ko na rin para hindi po puro laro ang anak ko po at natututo rin po." Mommy Rowena, whose son is 4

    "We have enrolled in an online class, too. We had a trial online class before to test if he'll be interested and focused. Okay naman siya. I would not suggest to totally skip this school year kasi sayang 'yung many months na walang lessons 'yung kids." Mommy Tellie

    Looking for learn-at-home options and wondering about tuition fee? Head to Smart Parenting Classroom now!

    What other parents are reading

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