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  • Answers to 'Why My Child Threw a Tantrum Today' Are Proof Kids Are Crazy (Funny)

    “Our sofa was pulled out for repair today.”
    by Kitty Elicay .
Answers to 'Why My Child Threw a Tantrum Today' Are Proof Kids Are Crazy (Funny)
  • Temper tantrums are a source of frustration for most parents. It’s easy to lose your patience when you’re trying to calm down an inconsolable toddler who, at 2 or 3 years old, still can’t fully express his feelings. But you can’t help but marvel at the fact that your child cries over anything and everything — sometimes at the most absurd things!

    Over on our Facebook page, we asked our followers to finish the sentence, “My child threw a tantrum today because…” and we couldn’t help but laugh at their responses. As it turns out, kids don’t just say the funniest things — even the reasons for their tantrums can be hilarious, too!

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    Here are the top six reasons “why my child threw a tantrum today”

    1. Reality bites

    She wants to ride a bike and play just like Kuya. But she ended up crying because she realized she doesn’t have a bike. — Zan Silvestre

    He wants to play in the sand, but he has nasal allergy. He ended up throwing all his toys. — Lendy Borcilo

    2. Attachment issues?

    Our sofa was pulled out for repair today. — Katty Cabansay

    3. Independence!

    He wants to drink from the glass all by himself. — Melanie Castillo

    He didn’t want me to cut his omelet. — Atilla Nagiyev

    He wants to cook rice all by himself! — Rocksun Enaje

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    4. Fashion statement 

    She wanted to put on two different pairs of shoes — a pink shoe on one foot, and a white shoe on the other foot. — Annet Pela

    She doesn’t want to take a bath because she doesn’t want to take her dress off. — Teresa Mabunga

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    5. Hunger (sooo valid)

    Instead of giving him his milk right away, I put it in the microwave to heat it up first. — Shane Hutchins

    He wanted to finish the whole pack of Oreo! — Roselle Berroya-Jawid

    He was 'starving to death' even if he just finished eating his dinner. — Krystal Wyatt

    6. We give up. Kids throw a tantrum over everything.

    I didn’t allow her to bite a straw. — Jenn Peig

    Because she didn’t brush her teeth — and she said this while brushing her teeth! — Brittany Hattrem

    My twins: She’s screaming because I won’t let her play with the mop bucket while he’s screaming because he can’t stand hearing her scream! — Sissy Solo

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    If that didn’t make you laugh, a dad named Greg Pembroke, who runs the Facebook page Reasons My Son is Crying, actually compiled photo submissions from parents all over the world of the most ridiculous tantrums children have ever thrown. He even published a book! Here are our favorites:


    “She is in a basket.”

    “The ‘Best Dad’ wouldn’t let her eat the remote control.”


    "I won't let her eat chapstick or fall in the pond or throw cereal on the ground. Also the dog ate the treat she gave her."

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    ‪"He ate all the cheese off his pizza and now it's 'broken'"


    "He doesn't want to stand up and he doesn't want to lie down."

    "Her pull-behind dog keeps following her when she pulls it."


    "I wouldn't let him eat the pregnancy test I was taking."

    Why did your child throw a tantrum today? Send your story and/or photos via Facebook Messenger or email us at smartparenting2013@gmail.com!

    What other parents are reading

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