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  • How Supporting Your Child's Hobbies at an Early Age Helps Him Succeed

    Lessons from the parents of a 12-year-old robotics champ.
    by Kitty Elicay .
How Supporting Your Child's Hobbies at an Early Age Helps Him Succeed
PHOTO BY Natz Bade
  • Studies show that gifted kids who do great things and become influential in their respective fields had talents that were nurtured early on by their parents. It's what Ronald and Beth Young kept in mind when their son, Angel Ken Young, or Aky for short, discovered his love for robotics at the age of 7. Thanks to his parents' support, Aky, now 12 years old, is winning at various local and international robotics competitions.

    In a previous article, we talked about how Aky's parents made sure that he had the tools he needed to improve his craft. It included turning their garage into a workstation where he can build robots and accompanying him in various robotics competitions!

    Watch how Aky’s parents nurtured their son’s talents. We hope you be inspired to do the same with your kids.

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    When you focus on your child’s strengths and praise their effort, you are helping them become more driven and passionate individuals. Here are more reasons to support your children’s hobbies and interests. 


    1. You’re the first person who can help them reach their full potential. Before Aky learned to build robots, he first started experimenting with making toys move at age 5. His parents were astounded when Aky started to learn to code by himself. They decided they needed to do something more so their son could nurture his gift. That included transferring him to a school with a robotics club. Thanks to Ronald and Beth who followed their instincts, Aky was able to improve on robot building. He was able to get the extra guidance and knowledge, plus the opportunity to participate in various competitions. Now he’s acing every one of them!

    2. You’ll help them discover more talents and abilities. Before Aky became interested in robotics, he mostly kept to himself. But through robotics, he was able to discover different facets of himself. Turns out, he’s great at public speaking — he even gets invited to other schools to speak with other kids about robotics! He also became very active in school, he’s a photojournalist, he likes to participate in school plays, plus he’s the student council president.

    3. It will all pay off in the end. Ronald and Beth say that robotics is an expensive hobby (each robot costs a minimum of Php8,000 to Php9,000 to build), but they work hard to ensure that Aky gets everything he needs to become better at it. Whether it’s putting their business on hold to join him in competitions out of the country or scouring Recto and Divisoria for the hard-to-come-by motors and parts, Aky’s parents are willing to go the extra mile. After all, Aky gives everything back by making them proud. “Good investment siya,” Ronald says.

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